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11 Reasons Why I’m Excited To Attend ESU

11 Reasons Why I’m Excited To Attend ESU

When we look at colleges, we look for what catches our attention, such as where is it located, what surrounds the campus, special events, social activities, and, the most important, parties. Now that I’m taking classes over the summer at ESU, I’m so beyond excited to start school here soon. Here are 11 reasons why I’m excited to attend ESU.

1. Parties.

I have gone to cook outs, birthday parties, Halloween events, and even bingo parties (yeah, I know, bingo parties… doesn’t that sound like so much fun?!) but I have never gotten “LIT” as we say these days. Now, I’m here in college and I have heard from a little birdy that ESU has some “LIT” college parties. I actually can’t wait to experience that part of college. Hopefully, it doesn’t end up like “The Hangover” or Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” music video…I actually want to remember what happened the night before.

2. Meeting new friends.

You, nor I, can survive a new world without having new friends. This is the time when we have to ignore Drake’s “NO NEW FRIENDS” motto. Believe it or not, this is the next and best chapter of your wonderful hard knock life, so either make some friends or buy a teddy bear and wish upon a star that it’ll start walking and talking like Ted. College is a world of opportunity. I mean, yes, it’s cool if you’re still friends with your 6th grade best friend (I am) but don’t be afraid to expand your circle. Who knows what can come out of it!



3. Ghosts at ESU.

October: the month of all the fright and thrill, when you go out looking for ghosts and hoping you catch one on camera or at least experience their surroundings. Well, if you are going to be living in Shawnee Hall than you probably have a great chance in experiencing a hell of a fright. Shawnee Hall is the oldest residence hall on ESU campus, therefore there has to be a scary story behind it. Legend says that there is a spirit of a janitor hunting the halls who died many years ago. If you decide to go ghost hunting don’t be stupid, go with friend and I’m going to say this once DON’T SLPIT UP! If your group decide to split up, go to the Kemp Library which is hunted by a kitten, and a little boy; It’s safe and you don’t have to regret it.

4. McMunn Planetarium and Schisler Wildlife Center.

Who doesn’t LOVE wild animals? I sure do, especially when they’re not trying to kill me. I prefer to see them when they’re harmless, like plastered on the walls in a museum. ESU students can enter the university’s planetarium for free (talk about free perks, right?) and you can also watch multiple mini films in the Science and Technology Center’s dome planetarium theater (yes, you heard that right, we got a dome theater).


5. “Catch them all”…

There are rare Pokémons all over campus that I have yet to catch already. Yes, 75% of the summer students on campus right now play it. Yes, the Pokémon’s are everywhere and yes, it’s a super distracting game when you’re in class and someone randomly yells “I FINALLY GOT SQUIRTLE”.  I still wonder, who will be the first to catch Pikachu?!

6. Different cultural experiences.

One great thing about ESU is that it has many international students, which means we can meet people from all around the world. It’s important to meet people from other places on our beautiful planet Earth and learn more about their cultures.

7. A home away from home.

WE ARE FINALLY AWAY FROM HOME! Can you imagine how long your parents have been waiting for this day? Yeah, I mean they’re proud parents because you made it down the right path, but still you’re free from their rules, you don’t have a curfew, and you don’t have to hide your boyfriend/girlfriend from them. You’re grown and you have freedom. Just don’t misuse it because your parents aren’t going to help you. You’re an adult and this is now your home away from home.



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8. Student discounts.

OK, I know for a fact I’m not the only one that loves discounts especially for a free drink from Chipotle, or $200 off a new Apple Macbook (yes, $200 OFF!) But that’s one of the many advantages of student discounts if you attend ESU. With your ESU email, you can get 6 months of free Amazon Prime which also includes free two day shipping.

9. Clubs.

We won’t make it out of college if we don’t go out and be active, be out and about, and be more of a people person. I am excited to attend ESU because it has over 120 clubs so there’s an opportunity for everyone. We are a campus in the middle of NOWHERE! So if you aren’t in a club, what the hell are you doing with your free time?! (Besides Netflix and chilling or partying?)


10. Stoney Acres.

ESU students get to go to Stoney Acres for free since Stoney Acres is part of ESU. You would just have to bring the food and supplies. But I can’t wait to enjoy the Stoney Acres trail. Probably might get lost but at least will have a good reason to miss out on class right?

11. Mentors.

We can’t forget the most important reason, the one that well help you through the ESU Warrior experience and that is a Mentor. Having a mentor is not having someone up your ass telling you to do your work and focus on boring things; it’s someone that is willing to help you every step of the way and show you the real world of college, not just the stay in your dorm and watch Netflix. I am in ESU’s Early Start program and I have a mentor and it’s making my high school transition easier because my mentor and other mentors are working together to make the mentoring program the best. So, I suggest you ask for a Peer Mentor in the fall and let them guide the way for you.

Are you excited to attend ESU in the Fall? Comment below and tell us why!
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