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11 Reasons I Can’t Wait To Go Back to Northeastern

Summer is almost over, it’s time to pack away those sunglasses and make space for your books. You may miss the adventures you’ve had over the holidays or the time you spent relaxing, but there’s lots more to get excited for. Whether you’re a new puppy or a returning husky, opportunities await you at Northeastern. Say farewell to summer and hello to a new semester! Keep reading for 11 reasons I can’t wait to go back to Northeastern!

*This article was written as a collaborative effort.


1. It’s a new school year!

It might not be a new calendar year, but there’s no harm in thinking of it as one. A new year means new resolutions. Whether it’s to meet new people, to join a new club, to study harder, or just to give yourself a clean slate, this is a fresh start. There’s so much to look forward to at Northeastern!


2. You get to see your friends again.

Distance over the long summer isn’t easy, but you’ve managed to stay in touch with friends from college. Now, you finally get to see everyone again. First it’s hugs all around, then soon you’re all bursting to share stories of your summer adventures. It’s as if you were never apart.



3. You’re moving into a new apartment with your friends.

Those days of dreadfully cramped freshman dorms are over. You no longer have deal with the random people you were assigned, who you may or may not have gotten along with. Now you have a spacious apartment with your friends— that is if you had a good lottery number, of course.


4. All the new dorm decor.

Moving every year may sound like a hassle, but it also means you get to redecorate your room. Whether you want to coordinate with your roommate to achieve a Pinterest worthy room or simply to get rid of the horrid pink blanket you thought was a good idea, your tastes are bound to have improved and so will your room.


5. Welcome week a.k.a. free food galore!

Sometimes I wonder if the university and its student organizations plan all year for this. A whole week packed with events, activities, socials, you name it. The best part? Almost all the events are guaranteed to have free food.


6. You get to take classes you actually like.

You probably had to fulfill some requirements coming in but now that those are over, you are free to choose your electives and classes within your major. Make sure to check with your academic advisor beforehand, but otherwise, go crazy.


7. You feel wiser.

It doesn’t feel like it, but you’re a year older. It’s reassuring when people look up to you for advice or guidance. However, no matter how much you try to look like you know what you’re doing, you’re probably still as clueless as those incoming freshmen…


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8. Join a new clubs or take a leadership role in one you’re already in.

You may have already found a group where you feel like you belong or you might be still searching. In either case, there are always opportunities to be grasped. Try something new for a change or take on more responsibilities, you never know where it’ll lead you.


9. Rebecca’s sandwiches.

Thinking about the long queue gives you a headache but you know it’ll be worth it. Nothing on campus (except maybe Steast cookies) can beat their freshly made paninis. Go back and get your favorite sandwich or try their weekly special; neither will disappoint.


10. New campus renovations.

If you haven’t heard already, our student center has been undergoing some serious constructions. According to Northeastern, we’re going to be “in for a bit of a surprise.” Get a sneak peak through the photos on their News page.



11. The city.

Boston’s charm is something one will always remember. From the cobblestone streets on Beacon Hill, to the ducks in Boston Commons and the view from the Charles River esplanade, how can you not be excited to go back?


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