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11 Reasons You Already Can’t Wait to Get Back to FSU

11 Reasons You Already Can’t Wait to Get Back to FSU

I was one of the smart ones who stayed in my college town for the summer, but that does not mean I cannot relate to all of you who are desperately waiting to get back to your college. I went back home last summer and I did not have #noragrets. I feel your pain and that’s why I’m going to hype all of you readers for what you have to look forward to when you head back to Florida State University. Keep reading for 11 reasons you already can’t wait to get back to FSU!


We all like to think when we get home and our mom or dad is ordering us to be home at 12-2 am that we will have the guts to say, “I’m an adult mom/dad, I can do what I want.” We all know it does not end that way, we come back when told or we get the wrath because we’re technically not that adult yet. The good news is, once you’re back at college you can stay out until 4 AM if your heart desires…and if you’re lucky maybe even spend the night. Mom or Dad is not there to make you feel bad about coming home when they’re waking up for work, smelling like vodka, looking like hell and going straight to bed.

2. Your long distance friends are now in short distance again.

One of the greatest things about going to college is all the people you get to meet that you probably would have never met if you didn’t go to college with them. I’ve made friends from all over the state and even the country! The whole summer without your college day one’s can really take a toll on someone. Looking through their snap stories of them with their friends provides extreme FOMO (fear of missing out). In a couple weeks you can be reunited and do all the stupid stuff you used to do again. Whether that is going to lunch at your favorite place, movie night, or stalking your favorite frat boys, the only way you would miss out is if you chose to.



3. You do not have to drive everywhere.

We are all spoiled by cars and would not give them up for anything but we all have to admit it is nice to be able to walk less than a mile to get razor heads versus driving 5-8 minutes to go get them. When you blew all your allowance on game day outfits or bar tabs and you have to walk it for a couple days because you can’t afford gas…that’s the GAS. Plus, there’s so many more opportunities to run into all the babes on campus.

4. The college bars.

Were any of you as shell shocked as I was when you had to pay $4.25 for a beer at a normal bar? Getting the perfect amount of cash back at the ATM or Publix doesn’t mean anything to the bartenders that serve actual adults who aren’t ballin’ on a budget. Well no more of that my friends, you will not have to carry around quarters all night from your purchase, no taxes, and only tipping when the bartender is super-hot. Plus, it was kind of weird being the only one wanting to take shots on a Tuesday night…


5. Meeting new boys and girls.

Everyone… do I even need to elaborate? Probably not, but I will anyway because it’s one of the best reasons…or worst. We all like to say we give up on college men and women because of their inability to commit, their tool ways, and the fact that they asked a different boy or girl to their date function instead of us (seriously WTF??). In reality, we look forward to stalking their snap stories to see if they’re pre-gaming for the same bar as you that night. College guys and gals get where we are in life right now…lost, for the most part. And business men in their mid-20s don’t think drunk texting is charming anymore??? Weird.


OK, so you may have skipped your really hard math class again Friday morning because you went to hard at derd* (Tally bar reference) and your dad is paying for it in tutoring bills. And you may have woken up in a frat house with a Security shirt on and puke next to you. And I definitely know you got your car towed at least once and didn’t have the money to pay for it. When you get back to your fruitful home of college mistakes like these are not frowned upon, they’re encouraged actually! It’s a dog eat dog world out there, college is the only time when you’re usually the reason your life is in shambles but you can still push the blame to someone else. “Well it was my roommates’ birthday so… I had to go out last night, and to not get drunk with her is just really rude. Yeah, that’s why I am not in class today.” And then through the grape vine you’ll hear about how much worse another girl’s mistake was and you can feel way better about yours, because we support each other here in college.

7. Halloween is every week.

Everyone loves Halloween but society doesn’t always let you embrace it. I mean, four 16 year old girls going door to door dressed as Mean Girls doesn’t get you candy but dirty looks. So the logical thing society did was pair drinking and an open house and call it a Halloween party. Well in college, you do not have to wait until October 31st to wear the outfit that could very well put your father in a grave. Themed parties go one about every single week and that doesn’t even include Waltz’s…and yes, I pray for the workout theme too because drinking in yoga pants? Always the move.



My dad genuinely thinks that college is my job and I get paid in grades. The man would rather sub lease his body to the devil to pay for my necessities than have a job get in my way of the straight A’s I never get. I do have a job, for the record, but my dad is constantly asking me if it’s too much. That puts me at a perfect angle for why I “needed” a 4 day weekend because it’s a holiday weekend and I’ve got beers to drink. “Yeah, I have sooo much homework this weekend so I took off of work for the next 4 days.” The best part about that excuse is it works for my boss and my dad, and they don’t even bat an eyelash. College is hard, man.

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9. Being hungover a lot is semi-normal.

Teachers won’t usually call you out for have duffle bags under your eyes, or running to the water fountain every 2 minutes to re-hydrate yourself. The proper protocol is to sit yourself in the back and slowly die up there so you don’t interrupt your class. And puking in class is not encouraged but also not taboo. The smell of fabrics burning in textile lab mixed with last nights’ tequila – yack city. In high school, if you came in hungover, they would call your parents because do you even have any?? And if you’re a real adult and have a job…you just committed to an 8 hour day of the little drummer boy in your head and the drought in your throat, congratulations, you played yourself.


Considering this article is talking about getting back to college, I will assume all of you have your own apartment now. Yes, you probably share it with 1-3 others but you still get a door to your own corner. This is great because when you live in a dorm there is no privacy…well there was probably no privacy when you lived at home either because, “I’m the mom so…” And whenever those 4 words are spoken you know that anything said after has to be validated just because of those first 4 damn words. Being able to binge watch Netflix without being called to do chores is a feeling like no other. It doesn’t stop there either, you can have anyone over and you don’t have to run it by your mom or roomie, you can wake up whenever you want, and eat your midnight snack without judgement. Also, can we admit that watching your own TV show with head phones mirroring your roommate, that you just met, while she’s in her bed is kind of creepy?



I saved the best for last, of course. Can you smell that? The crisp leaves, the fresh cut grass, the sweat of the excited girls and boys, the beer that spilt from all the shot-gunning. Yes, football season is almost here. Gives you an excuse to shop for more game day clothes, jump frat tailgates because the only thing you’re committed to is your team, and hella pictures that make you so college. And I don’t know about you guys, but here in Tallahassee, I smell victory too.

What are some other reasons you already can’t wait to get back to FSU? Comment below and share this article with friends and fellow students!
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