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11 Makeup Trends To Copy From 2022’s New York Fashion Week

11 Makeup Trends to Copy From 2022’s New York Fashion Week

The iconic makeup looks at this year’s fashion week held in New York consisted of glittery, dewy and bold styles, each creating a jaw-dropping runway show for guests. Unlike other years, this one presented new and refreshing makeup looks that set the vibe for 2022 fashion. Continue reading to discover this year’s trending show-stopping makeup looks that you can try yourself at home.

  1. Bold and Glittery Eyeshadow

On this year’s NYFW runway, numerous models depicted a powerful, glittery and pigmented eye, each using bold primary colors and completed with a subtle black cat-style eyeliner look. Two distinct models who presented these looks were Winnie Harlow and Laquan Smith, with Harlow rocking a strong, red glitter and Smith with blue. Using some pigmented glitter, black eyeliner, and your favorite lashes, this look can be completed with some much-needed free time and a few makeup brushes.

  1. Gem-Embellished Eyes

After the iconic makeup looks shown in the recently aired HBO show Euphoria, fans can only assume that this makeup look had to be inspired from the shows cast. Walking this year’s runway, Daniele Venturelli styled a gem-embellished eye, evoking an innocent and lulling aura that is worth doing a double take. The silver and gold gems are evenly placed on her under eye, fading naturally into her rose-colored cheeks. This dazzling look can be easily achieved with the application of a few gems and some light makeup.

  1. Generously Applied Rose Blush

The heavy application of rose blush was another complementary makeup feature on the models at NYFW, and thankfully this look is a very fun and easy one. Walking the runway, model Randy Brooke wore a bright and bold rose-colored blush on her upper cheeks with it fading onto her eyelids. This blush sets a new and seasonal trend, visually stating that generously applied rose blush is in. A popular, affordable and easy-applicable liquid blush such as “Cheek Heat” by Maybelline can quickly accomplish this pigmented look.

  1. Glossy, Nude Lips

While other models wore statement red lips, others presented a glossy, natural and nude lip, evoking the “clean girl aesthetic” that many of us have strived for this year. The look was worn by numerous models and paired with some lightly smudged liner. The shine adds a nice, dewy touch to the model’s complexion. Grabbing some lip oil at your nearest Ulta or Target can be the key to achieving this chic and clean runway look.

  1. Neon Eyeshadow

Along with pigmented glitter also came pigmented and strategically applied neon eyeshadow, paired with a glossy lip and a natural makeup look on this year’s models. The neon shadow was generously applied, surrounding both the inner and outer corners of the eye. These looks were achieved by Rachel Comey with a neon blue, intentionally messy application. This look created a statement look, covering the entire eye. This look can be copied with a zoomed in photo and your favorite neon-pigmented eyeshadow.

  1. Smudged, Smokey Eyes

Another bold eye look that was show-cased by the models at NYFW was a smokey and messy eye, worn with either bleached or lightly shaded brows. Sandy Liang presented this bold look on models with some bleached eyebrows and heavily applied eyeliner and eyeshadow, completely surrounding the eye. Other models with darker complexions and lightly visible brows wore the look as well. Some drug store liner and eyeshadow with a smudged, generous application is an easy dupe for these model’s statement looks.

  1. Glossy Skin

This NYFW look is definitely a clean and refreshing one. Models were seen confidently wearing what appeared as little to no makeup with a surfaced shine as their makeup looks. Usually paired with a lightly colored lip, many models wore this look, evoking a glassy appearance and achieving the clean-girl aesthetic that we all lust over. This dewy look presents a new seasonal trend, one where we are empowered to be confident in our natural skin while appearing as moisturized and glossy at the same time. Achieve this look using your favorite moisturizer or Glossiers Futuredew.

  1. Crimson Red Lips

While a vibrant red lip has always been a complementary makeup look for models, it didn’t fail to make a bold and exciting appearance at this year’s NYFW. Worn with a matching red clothing piece, models were seen wearing a red and pouty crimson lip, adding a strong splash of radiant color to their runway look. While clean and natural lips are in, so are crimson red ones, but this powerful look can never become a fading trend. Wearing your favorite drug store lip, paired with some light makeup and a red blouse can help you succeed with completing this chic look.

See Also

  1. Bleached Brows

With this resurfacing trend coming back, NYFW models had to showcase the coutoured look that it holds. This look was more often paired with a dark and heavy black eye look, with Julia Fox rocking the paired eyeshadow and brows for Tommy Hilfiger. The bleached brows showcase a clean and unique look, due to darker and heavy brows being considered the norm. Achieve this look by getting your brows bleached in a safe and effective manner.

  1. Thin Brows

Another recently resurfaced eyebrow trend that initially peaked in the 90s is the thin brow look. NYFW models confidently wore thin brows, paired with a colorful and light shadow on the runway; a look that was all-that almost two decades ago. Tia Adeola modeled these fun brows on the runway with a lightly colored pigmented brow and light blue eyeshadow. Doing this look is recommended to be done by covering up your brows with some pigmented concealer and drawing on a skinny, lightly colored brow shade of your choosing.


  1. White Lower-Liner

Multiple models were seen this year wearing white lower-liner to complete a futuristic-inspired makeup look. Paired with other trending makeup styles such as a statement blush and glossy skin, the white liner adds a larger-eye affect, making the look unique and head-turning. On this model, Whitnee Shulman, the white liner is only applied onto her center left eye, adding a sense of abstract to her makeup style. The strategic application of some white liner onto your lower eyeline is the key to getting this cool effect.

2022’s New York Fashion week had some show-stopping styles and makeup trends that we will never forget. Easily accomplished at home with some drug store makeup, we can easily copy these intriguing looks to create our own, chic look. 

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