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11 Dorm Hacks Every UMD Student Should Know

11 Dorm Hacks Every UMD Student Should Know

11 Dorm Hacks Every UMD Student Should Know

Chances are, you are going to live in a dorm at some point of your college career. It’s going to be a place where you make lots of new memories and go through a multitude of interesting experiences. Unfortunately, it’s also probably one of the smallest spaces you will ever have to inhabit – not to mention that you have to split it with another person! But don’t stress! Here are some dorm hacks to help you maximize the space in your new home and make it cozier!

1. Sweet Dreams

Having a shelf above your bed eliminates the need to clear out valuable space to devote to a bulky shelf. This is one of those dorm hacks that will save room and keep you organized! Everything is at the tip of your fingertips! You can even keep a lamp here for easy access if you like to study on your bed.

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2. Over The Door Organizer

Candy, shoes, jewelry – you name it! You can put whatever you want in this space, and you can easily conceal it behind your door. All the mess is gone!


3. Bed Risers

Bed risers are a must. They’re like little platforms which raise your bed enough to give you prime space underneath. Some even come with outlets! You can usually find them in the dorm section of most stores.

4. Roll It Up

Roll shirts to save space in your drawers. You’re going to need tons of space in your closet for your coats and shoes, so it’s better to maximize your drawer space. This method allows you to see every piece of clothing in the drawer, making selection easier! This is also great for when you are packing your bags!

5. Take It To The Next Level

Loft your bed to fit your entire work space underneath. It really frees up a lot of room, and you can hang stuff like Christmas lights underneath to give a warm vibe. Another option would be to bunk your bed.


6. Dryer Sheets

This is like hitting two birds with one stone. On a hot day, place dryer sheets on a fan to cool down your room and also keep it smelling fresh. Trust me, those dorms can get pretty stuffy, and the lingering aromas of takeout from the dining hall will be obvious to your guests.

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7. Jingle Bells

Add Christmas lights to make your dorm room more homey. Seriously, it’s unanimously agreed upon that the installed dorm lighting just doesn’t flatter the cinder block walls. The lighting you choose defines your space. Use Christmas lights to warm your space up and set a leisure tone. Make sure to use a brighter light for your desk lamp, as you don’t want to get too comfortable when you’re studying.

8. DIY Dry Erase Board

You are going to want a dry erase board to keep a to-do list or organize chores between roommates. Stick some decorative paper inside a picture frame and you’ve got your own customized dry erase board. The nice part about this is that you can make it as large or small as you want.

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9. Now You See It

When you’re shopping for your dorm, get anything that hangs or folds away! You want to make furniture in your room as versatile as possible, and one way to do it is to get a fold away chair like this one. It’s perfect for when guests come over, and you can put it away when you’re not using it.

10. Wired

You never want to leave your chargers at home. How else are you going to stay on top of things? But you also don’t want to search through a tangled mess to get to them. Never lose track of your power cords by using desk clips to keep them in place.


11. Command Hooks For Life

Use easy peel and stick Command hooks to create space anywhere there is a flat surface. You can utilize this space to hold coats, hang baskets, or create shelving spaces. When you’re done with them, they are easily removable and don’t leave a trace. This is perfect since most dorms have rules against using thumbtacks or certain adhesives.

When you’re shopping for dorm decor and supplies, keep these dorm hacks in mind, and you’ll be good to go!

Have any more dorm hacks every UMD student should know? Comment below!

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