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10 Y2K Inspired Accessories You Need From Amazon

10 Y2K Inspired Accessories You Need From Amazon

The early 2000’s were a time of iconic fashion, so I can’t complain that Y2K inspired fashion is making its comeback. There are so many ways to elevate a basic outfit Y2K style, especially by adding some accessories change up your look! Here are 10 Y2K Inspired Accessories You Need From Amazon!

Y2K fashion can be described as fashion from the late 90’s leading into the year 2000. It takes a blend of pop culture and advancements in technology to make up the popular trend it is today. If you’re a college student, rocking the Y2K trend is a very nostalgic way to pay tribute to the popular fashions worn by your favorite celebrities growing up. A huge part of Y2K fashion goes hand in hand with the various Y2K accessories worn during this time that are quickly making their way back to your favorite stores!

1. Mini Purse

During the early 2000’s, mini bags were a closet essential that you would see worn by nearly every fashion lover out there. The mini purse is one of the top Y2K accessories that has become extremely popular once again and can be seen sold everywhere. This faux crocodile purse from Amazon comes in a huge range of different colors, but I have to say the brown is my personal favorite. These bags are the perfect addition to any fit, and surprisingly can hold more than you’d expect!


2. Funky Rings

As you’ve probably guessed, one of the most popular colors worn during the early 2000’s was pink, making these statement rings the perfect Y2K inspired accessory. These gold rings are adjustable and can be worn all together for a fun look or separately! The rings are super affordable, with a pack coming with six rings at just $11.99. These statement rings are all over Amazon, so you can buy them in multiple colors as well.


3. Vivienne Westwood Inspired Necklace

My personal favorite Y2K jewelry piece is the infamous Vivienne Westwood Pearl Orb Necklace. Whether you love or hate it, you have definitely seen the return of the necklace throughout the past year, despite it being around for a very long time. If you are on a budget and want to recreate the look, Amazon offers many Vivienne Westwood inspired necklaces at a cheaper price than the real thing. The necklace can easily be dressed up or dressed down, so don’t be afraid to get creative when styling this piece!

4. Butterfly Clips

Nothing screams Y2K more than butterfly clips! This pack of clips from Amazon comes in a huge array of colors that will match with any outfit you have. Butterfly clips are great for a 2000’s themed party or event, but also cute to wear any time you want to add some color to your hairstyle. If you purchase some butterfly clips, try styling your hair different ways whether it’s with some double braids or crimped waves!


5. Bucket Hat

This denim bucket hat from Amazon is great for recreating a Y2K fully denim look! Bucket hats were an ultimate staple piece in the early 2000’s, but have become very popular again over the past couple years. This patchwork, frayed denim hat can easily be paired with any wash of jeans. I’d personally wear this hat with some baggy jeans, a cute baby tee, and some high top converse. You can also wear this bucket hat with a denim jacket and jeans to channel your inner Britney and Justin moment!


6. Claw Clips

Claw clips have become one of the most trendy hair accessories of 2021, but the half up clipped hairstyle had its first moment as a staple hair piece in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. They are a great alternative to putting your hair up in a scrunchy or hair tie and will prevent any tugging on your hair. You can find these clips in all different sizes, colors, and patterns, but these colorful, acrylic checkered clips are the perfect Y2K hair accessory you need in your life.

7. Phone Charm

Phone charms have recently become a super cute addition to add to any phone case! These Y2K accessories come in all different colored beads, but you can also make one yourself. If you aren’t feeling super creative you can easily purchase a couple off Amazon and switch them up to match your outfits. They’re not only fun to play with, but make your phone easier to find when you throw it in your purse. The beaded look is super Y2K, even if iPhones weren’t popular in the early 2000’s!

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8. Beaded Necklace

In addition to your beaded phone charms, check out this half pearl beaded necklace that screams Y2K! These chunky necklaces have become very popular on social media and you can get your own for inexpensive one from Amazon! The choker adds a fun, youthful look to any outfit and come in multi colored beads or a monochrome look. They make the perfect Y2K accessories to dress up or down!


9. Trucker Hat

If there’s one key accessory I remember seeing growing up it’s the infamous Trucker Hat, specifically from the popular brand Von Dutch! These hats were very trendy back in the early 2000’s and are coming back as a fun accessory to wear on the go. Amazon offers a wide range of trucker hats with different sayings and pictures if you don’t want a brand name one. The classic black and white hat will go with almost anything in your wardrobe, so go get your own right now!


10. Retro Sunglasses

Sunglasses have been around forever, but these retro rectangular shades can transform any fit into a Y2K look. These Amazon glasses come in 1 and 2 packs and in a wide range of colors. If you want to add to your Y2K accessories try purchasing some pastel ones or fun colors. They make a great addition to any outfit and really can be worn anytime of the year.

Let us know which Y2K accessories from Amazon are your favorites!

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