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10 Would You Rathers: UConn Edition

10 Would You Rathers: UConn Edition

On any given day, decide what you and your friends would rather do around campus with 10 Would You Rathers: Uconn Edition!

At University of Connecticut there are so many options it can be hard to just pick one thing to do! We set up a series of scenarios and want to know what true Huskies would do! So get ready to play “Would You Rather” with 10 Would You Rathers: Uconn Edition!

1) Go out with friends to….


Delicious pitcher drinks and nightly specials always make Ted’s a fun time.



The newly renovated restaurant and bar is a guaranteed good time.

2) Cheer for the basketball teams in …..

The XL Center

The Hartford Stadium is the off-campus home to the Huskies for sports like basketball and hockey.


Gampel Pavilion

The on-campus home of the Huskies complete with the best student-section out there.

3) Eat at…

South’s Comfort Line

South’s chicken fingers and mac n’ cheese will always make us feel like we’re right at home.


Towers’ Pasta Bar?

The tomato blush sauce with any combination of meat is a real winner here.


4) Order a calzone from….

Sergeant Pepperoni’s

Sgt. Pep’s has been serving its pizza and calzones for 25 years!


D.P. Dough

Home of the Geno Oreo-zone and $5 special nights, D.P. Dough is sure to make your mouth water.


5) Live in the…

Nathan Hale Inn

The Inn, completed with a heated pool and gym is a luxury residence for students.


The Oaks

The brand-new apartments are in the heart of Storrs Center above stand-out restaurants and several retailers.


6) Eat…

Insomnia Cookies

Nothing like a late-night 3 A.M. warm chocolate chip cookie delivered straight to your door.

insomnia cookies


 Dairy Bar Ice Cream

Their homemade flavors, especially the senior scoop is hard for a true Husky to resist.

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7) Hang out with…

Geno Auriema

The girl’s basketball coaching champ might even let you hang out with leading ladies such as Kia Nurse and Gabby Williams.


Kevin Ollie

You’ll get to see how tall this men’s basketball coach truly is in person!

8) On a snow day…

Sled down Horsebarn Hill

The long walk up the hill is definitely worth the snow day memories that you will make throughout the day.


stay in and watch movies

Snuggle up with a hot cup of cocoa and a blanket for a nice day off from classes and exam stresses.


9) Pet…

Jonathon the Husky

You’ll get to hang out with the cutest members of UConn Nation.


A UConn Squirrel

Never forget the time one of these fuzzy guys helped us all out by sacrificing itself so we didn’t have to go to classes!


Share your answers from the 10 Would You Rathers: UConn Edition in the comments below!
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