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10 Women In Sports You Need To Know About

10 Women In Sports You Need To Know About

There are so many women in sports that are strong and inspiring to our culture and to our young people. You need to know these women’s names because they are the future! Women in sports are given a platform to be inspirational and to impact the world and you need to hear their kick ass stories of how they are changing a culture and paving a way for girls to grow into strong women. 

1) Abby Wambach

Abby Wambach was a professional soccer player who played on the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team. Wambach has won two Olympic gold medals and a FIFA world cup. Her success as an athlete, and in soccer, paved the way for younger girls and women to have a larger presence in the sports world.   You need to know about this amazing woman because she also has used her sports platform to be a public advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and for women’s rights. Wambach preaches the importance as working as a unit to become successful. She has recently come out with a book called Wolfpack that encourages positive leadership and cultural progress for gender equality. Bravo, Abby! We hear you. We’re listening.

10 Women In Sports You Need To Know About

2) Bethany Hamilton 

If you haven’t heard about this amazing woman in sports, then listen up! Bethany Hamilton is on of the best professional surfers in the world. Her professional athlete story is extremely unique, however, because she had her arm bitten off by a tiger shark when she was on her way to her pro surfing career. Despite the enormous odds against her, Hamilton recovered and was back in the ocean surfing within four weeks of the attack. She relearned how to surf with out an arm and has literally swam in uncharted territories when it comes to women in sports. Hamilton is an inspiration to so many people and she has used her sports platform to inspired younger people in her sport going through injury. She is also know as a writer and has co-written the book Soul Surfer that was created into an inspiring film. Her newest documentary called Unstoppable is available on Netflix!

10 Women In Sports You Need To Know About

3) Allyson Felix 

Track and Field superstar, Allyson Felix is a true example of an inspiring woman in sports that you need to know about. Felix has won 6 Olympic gold medal among other awards. Felix is tied as the most decorated female track athlete in history and she is one of the fastest women on the planet. Felix is an example of a team player and participates in both Olympic sprint relays. Besides from Felix’s outstanding sprinting career, Felix uses her sports platform in an inspiring way too. Felix is heavily involved in the community of people with disabilities. She inspires people with disabilities to remain active and positive.  

10 Women In Sports You Need To Know About

4) Serena Williams

Okay, let’s talk tennis! Serena Williams is one of the most talents athletes in the world. Williams  had been a leading competitor in tennis for over 15 years and she is still going strong. She has won more Gram Slam titles than most tennis players. She certainly is a legend in the sport world. Off the court, Williams is a huge advocate for gender equality. She constantly is an example of a strong and intelligent athlete who uses her platform to make a difference in our culture.   

10 Women In Sports You Need To Know About

5) Megan Rapinoe 

Equal pay! Megan Rapinoe is one of the most talented soccer players in the world. She has won an Olympic gold medal and two FIFA World Cups. While she is a bad ass on the field, she also has a huge cultural presence. Rapinoe uses her platform to advocate for gender equality and equal play for woman. Rapinoe is a fantastic example of a confident and competitive woman in sports and an inspiration to so many people.

10 Women In Sports You Need To Know About 

6) Amy Van Dyken 

Talk about a quality athlete. Amy Van Dyken is one of the most talented swimmers in Olympic history. Van Dyken has won 6 gold medals in the Olympics and she completely wowed the world in her 1996 Olympic debut. After her amazing career, Van Dyken got into a life-threatening ATV accident leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. Despite Van Dyken’s inability to swim, she has used her sports platform to vocalize her struggles to encourage and inspire others who have encountered severe injuries. Amy Van Dyken is a strong woman in sports and a role-model for many.   

10 Women In Sports You Need To Know About

7) Alysia Montaño

Alysia Montaño is a USA Olympic track and field athlete who is the definition of strong, bold, and courageous. She is a middle-distance runner who has won countless titles and championships throughout her career. What makes her so amazing is that she also is a athlete that promote body-positivity and feminism. She is famous for running the 800 meter race in the World Championships while 8 months pregnant. She wanted to prove that women can do anything. Hell ya!

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10 Women In Sports You Need To Know About

8) Sue Bird

Women’s Basketball star Sue Bird is nothin less than exceptional. She has earned 4 Olympic gold medals and is an absolute beast on the court. Bird is also an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and stands for equal pay and gender equality. Sue Bird is a loud voice in sports and needs to be heard!

10 Women In Sports You Need To Know About

9) Lindsey Vonn 

Vonn is an absolute stud when it comes to women in sports. She is an Olympic gold medalist in downhill skiing. Despite Vonn’s multiple knee injuries and surgeries, she determinedly competed through the pain and struggles. Vonn uses her athletic platform to inspired athletes who are struggling with injury.

10 Women In Sports You Need To Know About  

10) Simone Biles 

Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles is nothing less than great. She is the most decorated American gymnast winning 4 Olympic gold medals and 19 World titles. Biles is a fabulous gymnast and an equally fabulous positive figure. She uses her sports platform to inspire people to be positive and work toward their goals. She travels also as an inspirational speaker. Biles is a world class athlete and a great inspiration for all. 

There are so many more than ten women who deserve to be known. Which women in sports have inspired you? Please share with us in the comments!

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