10 Winter Wardrobe Essentials You Can’t Live Without

I hate to break it to you, but winter is in full swing and if you haven’t done so already; it’s time to update the wardrobe. Luckily the transition from a fall to winter wardrobe doesn’t require a ton of new items, so the adjustment will be quick and painless, I promise. However there are a few essential pieces that belong in every fashion savvy lady’s closet during the brisk winter months. Unfortunately, winter clothes tend to be more expensive than other seasons’ trends, making it harder for these pieces to make it to many girls’ closets. But not any more! I’ve rounded up a few options for each essential that are actually affordable!

Essential: A Midi Coat


As the temperature drops, so should your hemline. Combat those fierce winter winds with a coat that drapes below your knees, keeping your legs nice and cozy. The midi is in this year, so it’s pretty easy to find a longer length coat to match any style…here are just a few.

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Essential: A Chunky Scarf

Keep your neck warm with a big, thick scarf. Choose a material that’s super soft so you can snuggle your chin into it comfortably.


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Essential: Over-sized Cardigan

Just like fall, the key to winter fashion is layering. Constantly moving between freezing temperatures and blasts of heat, you need to be prepared to shed clothes or pile them back on. This is where an over-sized cardigan comes in super handy. Heavy enough to keep you warm outside, but easy enough to remove when you’re back in the heat.


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Essential: Plain Long Sleeved Shirt

As much as I love a chunky over-sized sweater or cardigan, I never seem to be comfortable in one unless I have a nice long sleeved shirt underneath. A thin layer to break up that heavy knit material against my skin. Opt for a waffle knit material to keep you extra warm!


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Essential: Skinny Jeans

If you plan on wearing boots (and you will be), it is imperative to own a quality pair of skinny jeans. Don’t think that you have to stick to a dark wash during the cold winter months. Lighter jeans can easily be coupled with winter accessories to create a perfectly chic winter vibe.


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Essential: Knee High Boots

Like I said, you WILL be wearing boots. Knee high boots are essential to every girl’s wardrobe for those days when booties won’t last the trek through the snow. No one wants an icy puddle at the sole of their foot.


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Essential: Thick Leggings

Whoever says leggings can’t be worn in place of pants: take a hike. They most certainly can and in fact, I encourage it. The key is to purchase a pair that is insulated and thick enough to not only provide sufficient warmth, but guarantee no unexpected peekaboo action.


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Essential: A Blazer

A blazer is crucial for any winter wardrobe because it is the perfect piece to dress up any outfit, while still providing an extra layer of coverage. Going to a formal event but don’t want to ruin your outfit with a big, bulky coat? Pop on a blazer, maybe a scarf and your good to go!


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Essential: Chic Booties

It doesn’t snow every day of winter (fingers crossed) which means booties are totally acceptable. Also a great shoe option for pairing with dresses or skirts when the weather dissuades you from wanting to wear strappy heels.


Affordable Options:


Essential: The Go-To Beanie

And of course, the beanie. No winter wardrobe is complete without one! Whether a bad hair day, unexpected precipitation, or just a need for a little extra warmth – a classic beanie has got you covered.


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