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10 White Sneakers To Up Your Shoe Game

White sneakers are at the base of many girls outfits. Something about them are just the go to shoe. To be fair, they’re comfy, easy to match with, and with the right choice – show that you’ve got shoe game. It is past time to retire your basic white Adidas and Air Forces 1’s. Has anyone seen that picture of a group of girls at a party and they’re all either wearing Adidas or Nike Air Force 1’s? Not that being basic is bad, we just think that there are plenty of more options out there that will fit your need for a white shoe that is stylish and not over worn – at least not yet. Browse through these ten recommendations for white sneakers to up your shoe game:

1. Reebok Club C 85 Vintage

Our first recommendation is the Reebok Club C 85 Vintage shoe. This shoe is first on the list because of how comfy it is. Seriously, just stepping into this shoe once, you’ll want to walk out of the store with these on. A vintage, classic Reebok shows that you are a fan of the classics. This off-white cream-colored shoe comes in different accent colors along the sole of the shoe. Having more than one option means it’s not going to burn out and be too popular quickly. Our favorites are this one down below and the white/light grey color way.

2. Nike Blazer Mid ’77

Number two on our list of the ten best white sneakers to up your style game is the Nike Blazer Mid ’77. One of the lower in price of the Nike shoes, this high top Nike Blazer is super different in style compared to classic Nike shoes. Fair warning, these shoes are a little hard to slip your foot in and out of, but c’mon look at it – it’s one hundred percent worth the time. The check can be black, too. For this list we went went the white/off white check option because we know you’re here to find a white shoe. There is an also an all-white option, which is a safe option. This color option just adds a nice little touch of color to the shoe. A more affordable Nike shoe, we like to see that!

3. Nike Dunk Photon Dust

The next shoe we are recommending just might be our favorite! If you’re hesitating between this shoe and any other, go with this one honestly. The grey accent with the white base leaves us speechless, we just love this shoe!

4. Puma Cali Sport

We feel like Puma’s aren’t getting the attention they deserve. If you’re simply just looking to replace those basic adidas or Air Force 1s, this should be the pair to purchase. A complete all-white look, this shoe meets your needs. 

5. Converse Summer Denim

We can’t have a list of shoes without including a pair of Converse. An iconic shoe, everyone knows the brand as soon as you look at the. This summer denim Converse in white is a classic look, great to add to your shoe collection. Wearable in all seasons, Converse high tops are a staple that should be in literally everyone’s closet.

6. Jordan 1 Yin Yang

If you need a shoe that shows you have style and shoe game, all we can say is this is the perfect shoe for you.

7. Veja 3 Lock

Our next recommendation is the Veja 3 Lock shoes. Normally we wouldn’t recommend shoes with straps but this our one exception. An alternative to slip on shoes, we feel you can style this in a cute way. You could wear this shoe on a quick trip to the store or to the airport to easily slip them on and off at security. We imagine these shoes will go well with baggy sweats and a comfy hoodie. Or a cute matching workout set. It’s different than your typical shoe, and we’re here for it!

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8. Nike Daybreak

Something ’bout these Nike’s got us feeling some kind of way. Sure other kinds of shoes like Doc Martens, Birkenstocks, Vans, you name it, are popular, but you can’t go wrong with a pair of Nikes. You wear Nikes and people automatically respect you, we kid you not. We like this pair for the oatmeal beige color, the cream undertones, and the white check. Again, this shoe can go with any outfit. May we recommend pulling inspiration from Princess Diana and wear these with biker shorts and a crewneck. Or baggy Dickies, an oversized T-shirt and a beanie. Really, wear these with any fit and you’re already winning.

9. R13 high-top sneakers

The next shoes are these R13 high-top sneakers. R13’s have been pretty popular lately, trending with many fashion influencers. These shoes admittedly look a little, how would you say this, raggedy. But, that’s the point. They’re still a simple, clean shoe that can pair nice with many outfits, especially summer ones.  They look like they’ve been lived in even though you just bought them. You know when you go somewhere with your freshly bright white shoes, people obviously know that your shoes are brand new. Something about this is a little embarrasing, but you can avoid that with these R13s.

10. New Balance Oatmeal Heather

Completing our list of white shoe recommendations are these New Balance’s in Oatmeal Heather. You’re right these shoes aren’t white, but they are pale in color and can still match a multitude of outfits that you would want to wear all white sneakers with. The oatmeal color is just chef’s kiss. We can not recommend this anymore. Scratch what we said before, this might just be our favorite shoe on the list. Go with this one!

You’ve reached the end of our ten (mostly) white sneakers to up your shoe game. You don’t see a pair that you like!? You’re kidding, go back through the list one more time and let us know which one you’re actually taking a fancy to.

Logan Feightner

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