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10 Websites to Increase Productivity for College Students

Being a well-rounded college student can be difficult at times, you need to have a social life, have time for yourself, AND get all of your work done. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything that you have to do in a day. Balancing homework, projects, and internships can sometimes seem all too much. Getting organized and managing your time more productively can help you avoid a ton of stress when it comes to your work. Here are 10 productivity websites for college students to help you stay on top of your work and make the most out of your time.

Course Hero

Boost your productivity by using Course Hero’s study resources – there are literally thousands of study sheets for individual courses at your school. And if you’re stuck and can’t figure something out you can ask an online tutor.


LinkedIn is an essential tool for the young professional. LinkedIn is a social media website that allows you connect with other people that you know or have collaborated at with via your work- sort of like a professional Facebook. A LinkedIn profile displays information somewhat similar to a resume but is a bit more personal. LinkedIn is a fantastic networking tool for college students. Others can view your profile to see your credentials and you can find out about job offers as well.



WolframAlpha is not a search engine, it’s a computational knowledge engine. WolframAlpha’s goal is to make all systematic data immediately computable. Who actually knows what this means? Why is it relevant? It all boils down to wanting to make all of this knowledge accessible to the public. Essentially, WolframAlpha is the ultimate source for help on your science and math homework.

Google Drive

Google Drive is the ultimate for storage. With 15 GB of free storage, you can upload any file type to Drive. Not only can you store images, music, and videos but you can save and edit files like documents and power points. Drive is integrated with your Gmail account and is accessible on all of your devices. This makes sharing files and working on group projects super easy.


Save videos, articles, and pictures from online all in one place! Pocket is great for anyone who likes to save things for later but uses a ton of different apps. You no longer have to remember where you saw that article you wanted to read—it’s saved in Pocket! Pocket is accessible on all of your devices and can be integrated with 1500+ different apps including some of your favorites like Twitter, Flipboard, and Facebook.


Doodle makes finding a time to meet with all the members of your group project so much easier. College students have busy schedules, but Doodle helps you find the perfect time to meet. Quickly create a poll online of the dates and times that your group can meet and Doodle will send it out in an email to the members of your group. Your group members respond by filling out the poll to figure out what the best time to meet is. It’s that simple!


Download Anki on your phone or laptop for the ultimate memorization tool. Anki allows you to create flashcard to help you learn about almost anything. It’ll help you study for a big Bio exam or make learning Spanish much easier. Anki adapts to what you know, showing you the cards that you struggle with more often and focusing less on what you’ve already got memorized. Anki allows you to integrate photos, video, audio, and math equations into your flashcards. Connect Anki to the web to sync your progress on all of your devices.

See Also

Tomato Timer

I know I’m not the only one who’s told myself that I wont stop working until all my homework is done, only to find that three hours later I’ve done an hour of work and watched two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. It’s much easier to work for a solid amount of time—but not too long—and then to take a short  break. Tomato Timer is almost too simple, but super helpful when it comes to managing getting homework done. Tomato Timer has a timer for 25 minutes with a break time of 5 minutes. Up your productivity by using Tomato Timer to get all of your work done without unnecessarily long breaks.

Study Guides and Strategies’s Scheduler

This scheduler lets you figure out how you spend your time—it’ll let you know exactly how much time you’re spending on Netflix vs. homework in a week.  This schedule gives you the option of logging what you’ve done that day or seeing how your time adds up over the course of a week. It’s totally customized for college students. You can add in your times for everything from eating and sleeping to classes and hanging out with friends.


Let us know what tricks and tools that you use to maximize your time and efficiency! Comment below or tweet us @SOCIETY19!

Julia Hughes

Julia is a junior Media Studies & Journalism major at Saint Michael’s college. Her minors are psychology and art history. She likes fashion, spending too much time on the internet, crafting, and pretending she has her life figured out. Julia strives to be like Leslie Knope in everything she does.

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