10 Websites For Stylish And Cheap Jeans

10 Websites For Stylish And Cheap Jeans

One of my favorite thing about jeans is how simple or extravagant they can be. From major flares, bleached and distressed, patched, there is always a new trend. Keeping up can be difficult and as a college student, I don’t have a lot of money to drop on fads. Are you looking for sites with affordable, yet trendy jeans to keep you up-to-date on the styles while still on a budget? Check out the list of my top 10 I created down below: 

1. Target

Target is one of the most loveable stores. Groceries? Check. Interior decor? Check? Cheap jeans? You know it. Target has some very affordable jeans that are also on trend.  One of my favorite brands is Wild Fabel. For under 3o dollars you can get some of the most unique jeans.  

Target's Wild Fable CollectionTarget's Wild Fable Collection









2. Go Jane

With this site almost always being 50% off, denim checks out to be about $20. They have a lot of fresh styles that won’t be the typical American Eagle jeans everyone else has! 

Go Jane Go Jane


3. Romwe

Some jeans are just under $15! Although these take a little longer than average shipping times- you can’t beat the price. If you’re not sure how a new trend will look on you, consider starting out with something that’s a little cheaper, then splurge if you love it! 


4. Boohoo

What’s better than cheap jeans? Jeans that come in all different sizes. Boohoo features tall, petite, and plus size jeans in a wide array of styles. Plus, this site does 40% off plus free shipping almost all the time! 



5. Old Navy

Old Navy has it all, including cheap jeans. Also, they have a lot of size options including extended inseams for my taller girls.  I also recommend checking out Old Navy’s dress pants because they’re just as afforadble and amazing quality. 

Old Navy
Old Navy

6. Goodwill

There’s no better feeling than searching through a rack stacked full of vintage jeans, perfectly worn in. I’ve scored a few pairs of Levi’s and Lee’s jean. It’s even more fun to get creative with scissors and bleach to make the jeans your own! 


7. Nordstrom’s Rack

Nordstrom’s Rack is the best place to get designer jeans (or anything for that matter) at an amazing price. If you don’t have a store nearby, their online selection is just as good. 

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Nordstrom's Rack
Nordstrom's Rack

8. Poshmark

Poshmark is a great way to buy and sell clothes. You can find almost every brand you could imagine. Even better, you can make your own offers- scoring an even better deal than you originally intended!


9. eBay

eBay is a site that has declined in popularity since the rise of reselling fashion apps and Amazon, but it’s still an excellent place to snag a deal. 


10. American Eagle

One of the most iconic brand of jeans among young adults. I had to add it to the list because their jeans are always super affordable on sale and last for years. Their denim-x is the most comfortable denim I have ever worn. 

Ae Jeans


Keep up to date on the trends and sales by checking these websites frequently. Also, consider having a trading party with friends to give old unworn clothing a new home!

Be sure to comment any other recommendations you may have for affordable denim. 

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