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10 Ways To Workout Outside

10 Ways To Workout Outside

Working out can be lots of fun. There’s everything from Zumba to Circuit Training and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts. You can add another dimension to your daily routine by stepping outside for your next workout. Here are some workouts and tips that you can try outside while enjoying the beautiful summer weather.

Outdoor Workouts

1. Yoga

Yoga can be a great summer activity. Take your favorite yoga workout outside, all you need is a mat and you can do your favorite sequence outdoors. For the best yoga workouts, check out our blog post for Top Yoga Positions.


2. Interval Running

Need to change up your morning jogging routine? Try interval running. This is a great outdoor workout and it also keeps your workouts interesting. You can try this out a couple different ways. One way is to keep a timer and rotate your intensity each minute. You can do 1 minute of jogging, 1 minute of sprinting, and then 1 minute of light jogging for recovery. Another way is to switch up your speed every song. You can jog for one song and then kick up your intensity for the next one.


3. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Workout Outside

Take your favorite HIIT sequence outside to switch up your routine. Any of your favorite HIIT workouts such as the Bikini Body Guide will work outside. Check out Pinterest for some great ideas.

4. Join an outdoor boot camp.

Some local gyms hold outdoor boot camps during summer. They can involve interval training or a mixture of fitness moves. All though these classes may seem challenging at first, they are worth it. It’s a great break from your normal workout routine and you’ll get good results.

5. Take a hike.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery around your area and get some exercise. Finding a good trail and hiking it with a couple of friends can be a great way to get some exercise.


6. Step workout.

Go to your local park and find some stairs that you can use for a workout. Stairs are great because they build resistance and they are great for any jumping exercises. You can even create a circuit using different body weight moves that involve jumping or using a bench. One great circuit is to use the stair as a surface for your pushups, for the next move try jumping on and off a step. For your last move in the circuit try a knee-up. This is where you simply step on to the step and then kick up your right leg or left leg. Repeat this move 24 times with alternating your leg each time. You can repeat this circuit 3-4 times and you have a decent workout circuit.

7. Try a high-ropes course or outdoor rock-climbing.

A great way to get outdoors and try something new that tests your strength is rock-climbing and high-ropes courses. Both of these require a lot of upper body strength and they can also help you face your fears. Bring along a friend for motivation!

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8. Try kayaking or white-water rafting.

Both of these exercises are a great workout and a good way to have fun with a group friends. Gather a few of your best friends and try out this sport. It’s best to get lessons first so you know how to row and how to work everything properly.

9. Take your furry friend for a walk or run.

If you have a pet dog this is a great way to get exercise and make your furry four-legged friend happy. Find a bike path or trail near a park and take your dog for a nice walk or run.


10. Water Aerobics!

Another new way to work out in the sun is to try working out in a pool. If you have access to an outdoor pool. All you need for this workout is a pool and a beach ball. There are a couple of water aerobic workouts you can find through the web one that I recommend is this one from Fitness Magazine.


Tips & Tricks for working out outside:

  • Workout early. The best way to work out in the summer is to do your workouts early. In the morning the temperature will still be cool enough for any workout you do outside.
  • Stay hydrated. This is essential for any workout but especially in the summer. Since it’s hotter you will sweat more and your workouts will also be more physically tasking on your body. It’s good to drink plenty of water to make sure you are hydrated.
  • Stretch. Always stretch after a good workout to prevent injury. A couple good stretches include the hip-flexor stretch and a lunge. Try both of these to help heal your body and to cool down after your workout.
  • Eat healthy. When you eat healthy you will also work out better. So make sure you are eating fruits, veggies, and protein to fuel your body.
  • Stick with it. Lastly, stick with your workouts and remember that success doesn’t happen overnight. Keep with these workouts and you will eventually see results.