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10 Ways to Know you are From Baltimore City

No matter what you heard, do not believe that false-negative propaganda on what you heard about Baltimore City. This city is a place filled with life, good educational opportunities and so many exciting things to do. Not only that, but Baltimore City is soo great, you can just tell by some people’s attitudes that he or she is a resident of this city. 

1. Go Baltimore Ravens

Ok, if you ever wondered what Baltimore City’s national colors are, it would be purple, black, and yellow and you already know what that means, go Baltimore Ravens! So the next time you see someone pass you and that person is wearing a Baltimore Ravens football jersey, don’t be surprised if this person loves representing their hometown of Baltimore City.


I may not be a Baltimore resident, but when I had the opportunity to attend the University of Maryland Baltimore County, I was always asked are you from Baltimore? Whenever I would come home. UMBC is more than about giving kids a better opportunity to push themselves in their education. The school wants these kids to show off their positivity, diversity, and attitude on what it means to represent the city of Baltimore. I may have graduated from an honors university in Baltimore, but if there is one thing that left me from that school, it was that Bmore attitude!

3. Old Bay Seasoning

When it comes to making the perfect seafood combination, Baltimore City makes no mistakes in playing around. For Baltimore City residents, Old Bay seasoning is used up their like water to perfect the best seafood creations. Whether it is boiled lobster legs, steamed crabs, or shrimp just know that whatever restaurant that you go to and if you ask for a thing of Old Bay seasoning, you already know that you have that Baltimore City appetite. 

4. Bar Hopping

If you and your friends are looking for a good night out of excitement and fun, then bar hopping would be the best activity. When you think about it, Baltimore City practically invented bar hopping. As soon as you arrive in the city, there are multiple bars and nightclubs next to each other on all the corners. So if you are more interested in going to more than just one bar for the night, everyone will most likely know that you do a lot of partying up in Baltimore City. 

5. Activism

One unique thing about Baltimore City is that for years, this city has constantly been protesting against issues such as poverty, gender, and race. The people of Baltimore City have no problem marching in the street not being afraid to let their voices be heard when it comes to issues made by society to implement  ways in keeping the people’s voices from being heard. So if you are not afraid of protesting in the streets to make a positive difference, that right there is that Baltimore spirit having the courage to stand up for what is right.

6. Live Music

One thing that Baltimore City is known for is having that old-school rhythm and soul when it comes to performing live music. Baltimore City loves showing off its diversity when it comes to many live genres of music. I won’t lie nut a majority of Baltimore’s music focuses on the cultural identity of black people performing in genres related to old-school junkyard bands, Hip-Hop, go-go, and Jazz. But that does not mean the city is not open to new ideas. Who knew it, but Baltimore artists are dedicated to performing Rock and Roll music involving skills to play the guitar, bass, drums, and having wonderful vocals. So whenever you hear someone bumping that backyard junkyard band tunes, this person has that Baltimore City spirit. 

7. Baltimore Harbor

One of the most important seaports in the country alongside the Chesapeake Bay and National Harbor, the Baltimore Harbor is a tourist attraction you can not pass up. What makes this tourist spot soo different from all the rest is that just like how the National Harbor has that upper-class touch, the Baltimore Harbor has that soul feeling. This harbor includes a multitude of ethnic food options, street-side performances and gives tours about the actual historical past of Baltimore City. So if you are a person who visits the Baltimore Harbor frequently, you most likely know that it will not be all quiet and boring. Instead, it is filled with laughs, excitement, and of course tipsy moments. 

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8. Graffiti Art

Ok, let’s get a few things straight first, whatever negative idea that your parents tried telling you about graffiti, it’s all false information. Graffiti is an artistic style that is meant to tell a story about a specific moment in time that focuses on the people, politics, culture, art, places, and society in general. The reason why you see soo much Graffiti in Baltimore City is that its residents are displaying their struggles of how society has been trying to put us down for years. If you are a Graffiti artist from Baltimore City, your artwork expresses how Baltimore City has endured soo much throughout the years.

9. Farmers Market

From fresh produce and juicy ripe fruits, visitors will find authentic style Baltimore farmers markets that offer a pleasant experience filled with locals selling their culinary creations, such as authentic cookies, gazed Chicken and Waffles, and Sweet Treats. Most Baltimore markets are easily convenient to get to no matter your choice of transportation is a walk, driving, taking the bus, the Baltimore light rail, or the subway trains. Most people from Baltimore usually love that fresh farmer feel from their food.

10. Bike Life

Baltimore City might as well be the second version of New York City, and just like every city at night the streets are lit up with bike life. Baltimore City residents can’t resist the feeling of going to the streets and reeving up their engines showing off what that bike life is all about. So the next time you see someone on a dirt bike pass you popping a wheelie, just know that they have been riding all over Baltimore City.

Baltimore City is one of those unique cities that offers the excitement of culture, education, and entertainment for all families. Do you have any other favorite spots in Baltimore City? Let me know in the comments below.

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