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10 Ways To Improve Your Online Dating Profile For More Right Swipes

No matter what your experience is with online dating, there is always room for improvement! Whether you are new to dating apps or an experienced pro, there many common mistakes you can easily avoid. Here are some ways to avoid those rookie mistakes and tips to improve your profile!

1. DON’T showcase group photos.

DON’T let the first picture potential matches see of you be a group picture. This is a classic case of people utilizing the “cheerleader effect” to make themselves appear more attractive. If someone is swiping away, they are not likely to take the time to scroll through the rest of your profile to see who they are looking at. You only have one chance to make a positive first impression or you might risk being rejected with a left swipe. There is nothing wrong with including a group picture of you and your closest friends (max of three people other than yourself), but your profile should not start, or be exclusively filled, with pictures of you and your friends. Your profile is supposed to be showcasing you, not your inner circle! While potential matches do want to know that you have friends, try to use group pictures sparingly to avoid confusion for your potential matches. 

Instead of this:

Try this:

2. DO take the time to write a catchy bio and answer the get-to-know-you questions.

Across the board, most dating apps include the opportunity to fill in the dreaded bio. Take the time to fill it with something simple, unique and representative of you! There is no pressure for it to be perfect; it just needs to be something to help you stand out and potentially spark conversation! Give your potential matches something to work with and let your personality shine! If you quote too much from “The Office,” say that you do! Taking the time to put something interesting in your bio, filling in the basic profile information, and answering profile prompts show that you care and will increase your chances of receiving more right swipes!

3. DON’T include unflattering pictures, like selfies, in your profile.

There are very few people who possess the skill to find the perfect lighting and angling in selfies. Most of us often find that the results are slightly awkward pictures. As tempted as you may be to use mirror selfies, try not to fall into the trap of incorporating them into your profile. While you may be tempted to show off a great outfit, or your gym progress, try to leave those pictures in your camera roll for future reference. Many naturally gravitate toward selfies because they are not satisfied with the pictures they have of themselves on their phone. If you find yourself in this situation, try waiting a day to create your profile to have a quick, fun photoshoot with a friend to take some quality pictures! 

Instead of this:

Try this:

4. DO let your personality shine in your profile!

If you love traveling, share some of your favorite pictures! If you are artistic or love cooking, show that you do! And if you are a homebody, own it! This is the time to showcase your individuality to help you stand out from the crowd! Try to incorporate a variety of pictures in your profile to showcase your individuality!

5. DON’T use grainy, low-quality photos, or pictures that are taken from far away.

Like mirror selfies, these types of pictures will not do you any favors. Instead of rushing to make your profile, try taking the time to scroll through your camera roll or social media accounts to find the best pictures to use for your profile! Not every picture you use has to be your favorite, but they should try to portray an accurate representation of what you currently look like. Each picture used on your profile should have a purpose. If you need space fillers and want to show off the gorgeous European scenery from that backpacking trip you took, you can use a quality travel photo showcasing the view—as long as you are close enough to the camera so your potential matches can see you!

Instead of this:

Try this:

6. DO be honest and intentional.

While you certainly should not show all your cards at once, you should hint at what you are looking for before conversations start! Realize that everyone is looking for something different and how you choose to portray yourself conveys a great deal to potential matches. If you are unsure of what you want, it is okay to admit that! Likewise, if you just want something casual, be truthful. When in doubt, do not feel the need to fill in all the details about yourself and your lifestyle! But do share enough information so others can know a little about you. 

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7. DON’T use pictures with your ex and hide them with emojis or scribbles.

While you might have looked great that one formal or party, try to avoid using pictures with your ex. Choosing those pictures and then hiding their face will not do you any favors when trying to find someone new. Scribbling over them or using emojis to conceal them will make you look either lazy, passive-aggressive, or like you had no other options but that one picture. If you really love that picture but not the person who is in it with you, crop them out as best as you can. You are better off choosing a picture of just you from that night or a cute picture of you and a friend! 

Try this instead:

8. DO use pictures that are most representative of what you currently look like.

While you might have loved your aesthetic or body more a few months or years ago, you should always try to use recent pictures for your profile. Not every picture has to be perfect, but you should try to showcase pictures to give an accurate portrayal of what you look like right now! There is no need to go take brand-new pictures for your profile if you have plenty to choose from! Try to make sure they are no more than two years old and you are all set! Find your favorites, upload them, and start swiping away!

9. DON’T choose pictures with a pet or child unless they are yours!

This can create a lot of confusion for potential matches. Unless there is clarification, many will assume the child or animal in question is yours and they might swipe left as a result. While you might want to show off your adorable nephew or another adorable baby in your life, a dating profile is not the place for that. (Meanwhile, your social media is the perfect place for that!) Using someone else’s pet for matches is not the worst move you could make, but try posing with a cute cup or food instead!

Instead of this:

Try this:

10. DO stay true to yourself!

No matter what, you should never force yourself to fit into any kind of mold. You should always embrace what makes you unique, especially on your profile! First impressions matter, so make that first picture count. You got this!

Do you agree with this list? Drop some of your favorite profile tips below!

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