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10 Ways To Help You From Overspending

10 Ways To Help You From Overspending

10 Ways To Help You From Overspending

It might seem like you can never keep the money your earn in your bank account because you are constantly going out and spending it! Whether you are just an overspender or you are buying things you do not need, you might find your money going out faster than it is coming on. Here are 10 ways to help you from overspending with these saving tips!

1. Don’t Save Your Card Information On Your Devices

While it might seem like the greatest invention ever for your passwords and card information to be saved to your devices, it is probably the reason why you are overspending! How many times have you found yourself about to make a purchase online and you do not even have to get up to get your wallet? At the click of a button, everything is purchased and your bank account is once again dry!

If you don’t have your info saved to your computer or phone, you might be able to rethink your purchase as you are reaching for your wallet. Sure it is convenient to have it right there, but in this way, you will be saving more and not overspending.


2. Don’t Take Your Card With You When Going Out

Next time one of your besties invites you to go on a quick trip to Target, maybe go without your debit card on this one! One of the best saving tips is to just go without it because you have no possible way to make an expensive purchase if you do not have anything to purchase it with.

If you know that you will be going to Starbucks afterward with your friend, maybe throw a five-dollar bill in your purse for your drink. Obviously, you will need your card for things like gas, food, or other necessities, but if you are going somewhere you will spend unnecessary money on, you can go without!

3. Take A Trip To The Bank

When you are using your debit card or credit card when making a purchase, it can be hard to realize that the money is coming out of your bank account. Before going on a big shopping spree, stop at the bank beforehand and pull out some cash. The amount is up to you and how much you are wanting to spend, but this cash is all you will be able to spend on your outing.


To help you from overspending, it might be helpful to see the money actually leaving your wallet as compared to your digital banking app. Once you’re out of cash, it’s time to call it quits for the day!

4. Something In, Something Out

During your overspending habits, you are probably accumulating lots of junk. Junk being things that you once really wanted or even needed, but now you don’t, and it just sits there in your bedroom, in your closet, making a large mess!

Before you go out to purchase something (with lots of careful consideration, we hope!), choose something to give away or donate. Whether this is to a friend or to your local shelter, someone else will find a use for it! Now you won’t be creating a huge junk pile with these saving tips!


5. Buying Something Twice

You have found yourself at the checkout line at the mall again with armfuls of things that you absolutely need! Not too fast girl! Even something as simple as a shirt with a $20 price tag needs to be taken into consideration with these saving tips.

Assess if you can buy the shirt two times with what’s currently in your bank account. For example, the $20 shirt is going to cost you $40 if you are applying this method. If you can comfortably take this out of your account, then buy on! If not, maybe put it back and save up a little more before purchasing it.

6. Keep An Eye On The Sales

So maybe there is something that you absolutely need! A piece of jewelry, some new clothes, or a new bag, you absolutely need it! If you are finding it hard to say no to whatever you are wanting to purchase next then at the very least, wait a few weeks before making the purchase.

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There are great websites and computer programs with saving tips and sale trackers that will help you get the best price possible for whatever you are purchasing. Keep an eye on the sales of your product so that you can get a better deal and help yourself from overspending!

7. What Do You Overspend On?

Ask yourself the question and analyze what exactly you overspend on. If you typically overspend on dinner with friends and going out to eat, maybe suggest staying in for a night. Try buying groceries that are going to last you a few weeks rather than just one meal.


If you overspend at clothing stores, take a trip to your closet before going out to shop. If you actually need a new piece of clothing for something, just go shopping for that! If you don’t actually need anything, maybe save the shopping trip for something else!

8. Start a Budget

Before anything, you might want to start here. If you find that at the end of the month when it comes time to pay your bills, you are short on money, you need to divide up your income. So much, or a percentage, is going to go towards paying your bills. Some is going to go into your savings for your goals. The rest, if you do not have any other places to put it, can go in spending!

9. What Are Your Goals?

Do you want to someday buy a house? A new car? Or even a nicer purse? Keep these in the back of your head when you are out shopping! The money that you are overspending at Target or at dinner is money that is not going towards your saving goals and life goals! The cute top compared to a nice house at the end of the day is incomparable!


10. Use Your Head, Girl!

We know that it is hard, especially if you find something that you love while shopping. But really use your head, girl! Do not become so blindsided when you are shopping and adding things to your cart. Think hard about what is going to come home with you and what the purchase means to you! Plus, now you know all of these great saving tips that will help!

Which way are you going to use to save some money with these saving tips? Do you find yourself overspending more when you go out? Tell us all about it in the comments below!