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10 ways to have some self-care in your day

Are you looking for a way to relax after a stressful day? Do you want to treat yourself to something special? This is for you! 

Face Masks

Face masks are an easy and affordable way to do that extra step of self-love. You can put it on while watching a movie, cleaning your room, coloring, etc. There are also so many types of masks that anyone can use, ones for acne, hydrating, firming, and more. You can use sheet masks or apply a mask with your hands or brush. There are also many sheet masks with cute designs on them, such as a panda or koala. After using face masks more often, you will notice your skin gradually improving. It is also just a fun activity to do if you want to try new skincare.


Baths are a great way to unwind for the day. You can add candles, bath salts, bath bombs, a fancy drink, anything you want to give that luxury experience. If you prefer to, listen to a playlist or you can keep it silent for a more peaceful time. Baths are an opportunity to think about what you want to achieve and how to fix current problems you are dealing with. There is no one interrupting you or your phone blowing up with a bunch of texts. After you can wrap yourself up in a fluffy towel, apply some lotion and go to sleep. 

Nail polish

Doing your nails at home is a simple way to boost your confidence without spending a fortune. It will make you feel better when you slip on that pair of flip-flops the next day. As someone who rarely takes the time to do this, when I do I enjoy being able to see the color on my nails. It is also a chance to listen to a podcast or your favorite comfort show. You can add some sparkles or different designs to go along with the season or your favorite movie characters.

Eating a good meal

Give yourself the nutrition your body needs! If you have had a busy day at work and haven’t had a chance to eat a meal, now is the time. If you enjoy cooking, plan out a meal you can prepare that you know will make your body feel good or if you want to order takeout. Having food in your system will have you feeling happier and more ready to take on the rest of the day. Invite your friends over for dinner, talking to people about what’s been happening in your life can be therapeutic.

Do your hair routine

Whatever makes you feel the most confident when it comes to your hair, do it! Use your deep conditioner masks and apply those hydrating products. Your hair will be feeling soft and fluffy. If you want to style your hair before the next morning, do it! If blow drying and straightening your hair before work will save you time and energy, it will be worth it doing it now. Now you can pose in the mirror and admire your work. Spend the time to try out that hairstyle you pinned on Pinterest 3 months ago and haven’t gotten around to doing. Add some cute clips or scrunchies to it.


If you have been sitting inside all day, you need to get out! Go for a walk, a bicycle ride, yoga, dancing, there is so much to do even without a gym membership. Call up your friend to join you if you want some extra motivation. Change your typical location, go to a park, a lake, or another beautiful spot in your town. Your body will feel refreshed and energized after, and you will be so happy you decided to get out for those few minutes.


Breathe in…breathe out. Meditation only takes a few minutes out of your day and makes a huge difference in your mood. You will be able to focus more on your tasks and feel more calm. There are also multiple apps and youtube videos you can follow along with if you are unsure how to start. You can do it for 5 minutes or even an hour, whatever you are comfortable with. This is also an activity you can incorporate into your daily routine, it will have you being more productive in the long-run.

See Also


Reading before bed is a great way to fall asleep faster than scrolling through Tiktok. It also is a way to learn something new and distract yourself. There are so many genres to choose from, romance, fantasy, science fiction, etc. There is something for every type of reader. It is also something to focus on outside of your school work or television. It is a good habit to have because it will make you a better writer and reader.


Write about your day, your goals for the week, what you are grateful for, anything and everything. Being able to put your feelings into writing is a way to express yourself and validate your emotions. A huge weight will be lifted off your shoulders and you will feel amazing after. You can write twenty times a day if you feel like it. It also organizes your thought process and you can see why you think or feel a certain way.


Listening to music is a way to hype you up, cry your eyes out, let your anger out, anything you want to feel. You feel less alone when there is an artist that can relate to what you are going through. It is a way to heal from a situation and move on for good. You don’t need to explain to anyone why you feel a certain way, you can just go through it on your own. It is also a way to dance around your living room and scream at the top of your lungs, improving your mood. It can also be background noise while you cook, clean, or get ready to go out.

What is your favorite form of self-care? Do you prefer an activity like spending the evening going for a walk around your neighborhood or curled up on the couch reading a book? Comment below!

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