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10 Ways To Have Healthier Hair

10 Ways To Have Healthier Hair

10 Ways To Have Healthier Hair

Decades past, most hairstyles required a lot of product. In decades past, women were taught we have to wash our hair every day. In decades past, and the idea of healthier hair didn’t cross most people’s minds. But welcome to the new age! Just as our society has moved to taking care of our bodies, mind, and spirit, part of that self-care revolution is taking care of our hair. From the inside out, from washing to drying, here are 10 ways everyone can have healthier hair!

1. Protein

Let us start with the very basics! Hair is a protein filament that grows from follicles found in the dermis. Eating adequate protein is important for hair growth because hair follicles are made of mostly protein, (a lack of protein in the diet has been shown to promote hair loss).

Some delicious and high-protein food options are eggs, chicken, nuts, milk, cheese, yogurt, fish, and broccoli. There are also plant-based options for vegetarians and vegans, such as oats, quinoa, lentils, pumpkin seeds, and supplements.


Because! The first step to healthier hair is a healthy body. Building this foundation and providing the body with what it needs will lead to an easier time with the next steps…

2. Biotin

Having enough protein in your diet is a perfect start! So let’s add Biotin supplements to add a little extra beauty oomph.

Biotin, also called vitamin B₇, is one of the B vitamins. It is involved in a wide range of metabolic processes, both in humans and in other organisms, primarily related to the utilization of fats, carbohydrates, and amino acids.


Biotin is essential for the production of a hair protein called keratin, which is why biotin supplements are often marketed for healthier hair growth. Spring Valley Biotin beauty supplements are good for hair, skin, and nail health, but also helps with having a healthy metabolism. (Other ingredients are soybean oil and yellow beeswax, and there is no gluten, wheat, milk, sugar, nor preservatives.)

This is another way to help yourself from the inside out, providing the body with help, not just your hair.

3. Wash Once A Week

Now that we have a healthy foundation, let’s talk about your hair. Whether it is short, long, or somewhere in between, every so often it needs to be washed. Whether it is because of the abundance of natural oils, added dirt from everyday life, or chemicals built-up from product usage, your hair needs a good cleaning.


Let us break away from the beauty myth, though, that your hair needs to be washed every day. In fact, washing it every day may lead it to be unhealthy and fragile. Just as your favorite pair of jeans would fade and thin with too many washings, your hair can lose its strength and integrity. Instead, try to limit washing your hair to once, maybe twice a week. This way, your hair has plenty of time to breathe, grow, and do its natural thing.

Our hair wants to be light, bouncy, soft, and shiny, and following the beauty steps above and below will help it get there.

4. Shampoo Roots (Condition Ends)

Not all hair is created equal, even if you’re only washing it once a week. First off, shampoo is like clothing detergent (and even works just as well with fabrics), which means it’s harsh and overpowered to make sure it can clean everything from your hair, even stripping away the healthy oils that it needs. Then, you add conditioner, and instead of working as a subtle fabric softener, over the shampooed areas it is heavy and thick and clogs your hair, stopping it from its natural processes.


So, let’s think of the lifespan of hair… it starts at our roots all new and strong and untainted. Then, as it grows, it gets washed and conditioned, it gets pulled and tugged into different styles, it gets heat and products all through it. By the time it gets to be the end of your hair before you cut it, it’s in the worst shape it’s ever been.

This brings me to this point, shampoo your roots, which is where most of the dirt builds up, and condition your ends, where it really needs the help. This way, you’re getting the job done in the least destructive way possible.

5. Detangler Spray

I have sworn by it before and will swear by it again! Everyone should use Suave Kids Soft & Smooth Detangler Spray!


0% parabens, dermatologist tested, alcohol-free, residue-free, it helps make hair extra soft, smooth, and shiny, and it smells berry awesome! Use on wet hair for the best results; it’ll make it so your detangler brush slides right through.

Part of the “Clean” products at Target, it is a beauty product great for all ages. Whether I had short hair or hair down to my hips, I use it after every time I wash my hair. It also helps with the blow-drying process, making it easier to comb through my hair beforehand and not have to worry about tangles or knots. With the lack of tangles and knots, less of my hair comes off on the brush or falls to the floor.

Sauve Kids Soft & Smooth Detangler Spray is one of the few products I recommend to help on your journey to healthier hair.


6. Detangler Brush

One of the best items I have ever been sent by beauty subscription Glossybox is The Original Tangle Teezer Detangling Hairbrush!

Right after I have sprayed the Suave Kids Soft & Smooth Detangler Pray, I use The Original Tangle Teezer Detangling Hairbrush from root to tip. Perfectly sculpted to fit in the palm of your hand, it is easy to brush from the front of your hair all the way down your back, and then from the nape of your neck to the very ends. It glides through the hair without any pulling and if any strands do come out, it is easy to remove from the brush.

The long, flexible teeth detangle, removing tangles and reducing breakage, while the short teeth smooth, for glossy, frizz-free hair. Yes, it is made of plastic, but given the style and design, it will last a very, very long time. Plus! It can also be used and your regular brush, perfect for smoothing out dry hair.


Perfect to keep in the bathroom, in your nightstand, or every your purse, it is a not-to-miss item for only $12!

7. Drying On Cool

Ideally, for the healthiest hair, you would want to towel and air-dry your hair.

But, if you’re like me, that takes way too long and leaves your hair rather flat. So, if you must use a hairdryer, then do your best to dry on the cool setting! Traditionally, the normal heat from a hairdryer can take all the moisture out of your hair, weakening its integrity, and easily causing breakage. But also! Think of how damaging that direct heat is to your scalp.


Though the cool setting can take longer, it is better for your hair. And, you could take it a step further, let your hair partially dry via towel, (which might even help give your hair some more body). This is the best of both worlds, you taking the time to do the least amount of damage while still get the end results you desire.

So far, so healthy! But here are just a couple more beauty tips…

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8. Dry Shampoo

One of the only other chemical products I highly recommend for healthier hair is dry shampoo! This is the perfect use-as-needed assist that will help you get down to washing your hair once a week.

Dry shampoo is one of those figure-out-what’s-best-for-you products, but once you’ve found your golden goose, you can’t imagine your beauty routine without it. I actually use the Tresemme “Between Washes” Volumizing Dry Shampoo and have done so for quite some time. It doesn’t leave any visible residue while it removes excess oil and is virtually weightless.

After you shake the can, divide a section of your hair and spray the dry shampoo. Then massage it into your roots and brush through to the ends of your hair. Not only does this help keep your hair fresh for days, but it also helps your hair have texture, body, and be able to be styled multiple days in a row.


I usually use it before I do my top-knot for bed.

9. A Top Knot

Okay, so, I know the idea of the top-knot has been around forever and there are a ton of ways to do it, but the way I am about to explain will change the life of your hair.

Alright, so we all know the “I just rolled out of bed and have to get to class” top knot, the “I have been sick for days but need more medicine” top knot, and the “I totally forgot to bring a brush to my boyfriend’s house” top knot, but now get ready for the “keeping my hair healthy and voluminous” top knot. Instead of pulling your hair tight, making a mess of a bun, and damaging it with hair ties, all you need is a brush and a small jaw clip.


Perfect for after using dry shampoo, bend at the waist, and brush through your hair. Softly gather your hair with your hands, the same way you would have to make a ponytail. Standing back up slowly twists your hair with your finger. Then, loosely make a bun, a sort of cinnamon roll on the top of your head. All that’s left is to take the small jaw clip and clip it in the front. This way your hair doesn’t get dragged down, pulled, or stuck while sleeping, keeping it from getting tangled, knotted, or damaged, and because the clip is in front, you can sleep on your back or your sides. (The look is sort of reminiscent of Edwardian hair.)

I have been doing this for months now and it leaves my hair full and voluminous when I wake up, leaving it truly easy to brush through and restyle.

10. Just A Trim

They say for the healthiest of hair, you should get a trim every three to four months. But, I think it depends on how healthy your hair is, what beauty products you use, and how you style your hair.


Remember, the ends of your hair are the oldest. This means the ends of your hair have gotten the most heat used on it, the most products used through it, and have had the most brushing. This leaves your ends dry, weak, and frizzy.

Trimming your hair actually encourages hair growth. It may sound counter-intuitive, but the appearance of broken and split-ends not only damages the look and feel of your hair, but it also contributes to the appearance of shorter hair and thinner ends. Freshly cut ends also help to de-tangle your hair!

So, whether it’s three months or six months, at a fancy salon or the cheap place at Walmart, remember to get that trim.


Love thy hair, love thy self. Beauty from the inside out, these 10 tips can help anyone have healthier hair. Comment below with any other tips and tricks and keep an eye on Society19 for other beauty secrets!