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10 Ways To Glam Up Your Basic T-shirt

Every college guy and gal owns at least one basic t-shirt in their closet. We hardly ever wear it, but this year, we’re giving it a makeover! Basic tees are going to be a must have this season. I’ve put together 10 cool, fashion forward ways to make you go from basic tee to Gucci. We’re leveling up this year!

1. Blazer Business

Quick! You have a job interview on campus and all you have is a white t-shirt and your curvy jeans. Add a blazer into the mix! Blazers elevate any casual style into a professional look. You’ll be catching the eyes of many on your walk alone. They can also be used as a way to raise your outfit game. Try wearing your tee with a blazer and some jean shorts. You still look comfy, but now, you’ve added an extra element raising your look and status on campus.

2. Flashback: Wide Leg Pants

Pairing these vintage turned modern pants with a t-shirt is a popular style choice today. The Wide Leg Pants, also known as Palazzo Pants, started in the 1990s-early 2000’s and they’re here again making their comeback by adding flare to any outfit. These pants come in different styles ranging from denim, silk, or even lounge pants. Start by picking out your favorite graphic t-shirt and pairing it with the different types. Everything looks great on the hanger, but trying it on is what will make you fall in love. The flow and comfort on this outfit makes it versatile from night to day and you never want to take it off!

3. Flirty Skirts

Spring is just around the corner, why not kick it off with a t-shirt and skirt combo! This is one of my favorite trends when pairing t-shirts. Skirts are very fun and loose. You have different styles and lengths to play with, so coming up with an outfit can easily become a fashion experience to embark on. Pick out your cutest tee and skirt to try on. Feel free to make some adjustments along the way like, tying up the t-shirt at the end or folding it up. This will give you a clearer shape at the top making it look more refined and put together. Have fun with this trend! Try mixing and matching until you find the right combo that’s made for you!

4. Fierce For Leather

Leather always makes you feel like breaking a couple of rules. It’s about time we break out the jackets and tees. We’re making some rules of our own.  First, pick out a t-shirt that has some meaning to it like a favorite band or local shop. Next, pair that with a leather jacket. You’ll instantly feel like a rebel. Leather jackets have a history of making you feel strong and fearless when wearing one. You’ll find your confidence level goes up every time you try one on. Now, try taking that outfit out for a spin and see what everyone else has to say. They’ll appreciate the boldest in your top and fierceness in your jacket.

5. Flannel Fans

Flannels can turn any t-shirt look into a going out ensemble. You just need the right styling tips to get you there. Start by picking out a flannel and t-shirt. Some colors that are in style for flannels this season are yellows, reds, greens, and oranges. Very earthy tones for this season and the statements they make on the streets will have you wanting to buy them in every color. Next, think about what kind of statement you want to make with your outfit today. Are you looking for a comfy, lounge look or something that will elevate your current style. Go with the vibes for today and you’ll be more than happy with the results.

6. Shiny Jewels

Nothing beats the basic t-shirt blues like a statement piece in jewelry. That includes big necklaces, bulky bangles, dangly earrings, and so much more. Adding jewelry into the mix will turn your average t-shirt into a savvy, street wear look. Consider playing with necklaces. You can either go bold or dainty. Whichever you choose, make it shine on you! Chunky Bracelets are a great way to stand out. Try a couple on each arm and you’ll see how much people will start to notice.

7. Strutting in Heels

If you’re looking to improve your basic tee look, heels will move you up! Heels are that clothing option that go with almost anything. Going from cozy wear to dinner wear, heels instantly made you look expensive and seductive. Two things you want people believing.  Consider wearing a t-shirt and some ripped jeans with this look. You look good in the mirror, but you’re definitely missing a few inches that will knock people off their feet. Depending on the occasion, I like to switch off between high heels or wedges. They both give me the height I need to feel powerful in my clothes. Try it out and see how you feel.

See Also

8. Slaying with Sunnies

What’s going to make your t-shirt look 1000x better? Sunglass of course! The different shapes and sizes allowed us to fit it to our mood and coordinate our outfits. You get ready this morning and at first glance, you’re just rocked a t-shirt and some mom jeans. Now apply the sunnies. Your style just went from basic to IT Girl! You look cultured and refined. Sunglasses give you the persona of someone that knows what she’s doing and does it well. Take this look for a stroll on campus and people be wondering who that girl is!


“A woman is not really dressed unless she is wearing a hat” – Virginia Graham. We have a hat moment in the making and you’re a part of it too. This past Fall, we saw so many Instagram photos of people showing up in their flat brims and fedoras. Hats draw attention to the head and make an outfit look more modern in all the right ways. Pick out your everyday t-shirt and throw yourself into hats. You’ll be surprised how much better you look with the right one.

10. Dress-y with a Tee

Dresses aren’t always meant to be fancy. Try making it into a casual look with a t-shirt underneath. Combining summer dresses with a basic tee is a must have this season. This is definitely one of those looks that you can dress up or down to fit the occasion. It’s super easy to put together. Comb your closet for dresses from last summer. Slip it on top of your chosen t-shirt and be amazed at the results. You just went from cute to WOW in less than a min! Repeat this trend with any gathering with friends or brunch date.

See how much a t-shirt can do for you? Show off your FLAIR and comment with us how you feel!

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Monica Amador

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