10 Ways to Elevate Your Outfits this fall: Men’s Edition

7 Ways to Elevate Your Outfits this fall: Men’s Edition

Finding a guy with great style is a major turn on for any girl. Sometimes guys need help though, and here are 10 small ways that can elevate any mans outfit this fall. 

1. Statement Jacket

A statement jacket is an excellent way to spice up any outfit this fall. Right now we are seeing a huge wave of leather moto jackets trending. Leather is always a great idea for fall. Not only is it warm, but also stylish. Other forms of statement jackets to enhance your wardrobe include bomber jackets, quilted jackets, and a classic denim jacket. One important thing to keep in mind while wearing any statement piece, is that the rest of the outfit must be simple in order to not pull away from the center piece, which in this case is the jacket. Simple bottoms, simple under shirt, and lay low on the accessories. Another great option for a statement jacket is one where the back of the jacket is the main focus. We can find this often is denim looks where the from of the jacket is simple but once you see the back it is embellished with a large patch or other design that elevates the look. 


2. Jewelry

Another great way to elevate a men’s fashion look this season is with jewelry. We have been seeing a lot of statement jewelry pieces in both men and women’s fashion trending lately. Some men may be hesitant to hop on the jewelry trend, but it is an easy way to elevate an entire look. The photo featured above does a great job of showcasing how the use of jewelry can work. Silver is key, it is not as flashy as gold and because of that you have the ability to wear more of it. I am talking rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, all of it! It is a great way to enhance your look by starting with a simple outfit and adding the jewelry to accessorize. 

3. Loafers

Loafers are a great way to show everyone that you know what you’re doing in terms of fashion this fall. Whenever I see a man wearing loafers, I can tell that he appreciates fashion and has great taste. Loafers are a great way to elevate a normal everyday outfit. They go with everything from denim, to leather, to cargos, or work slacks. Pair them with a high white sock as featured above because the no show sock era is officially over. Not only are they fashion forward and chic this fall, but they also offer a comfortable alternative to wearing sneakers everyday.  

4. Classic Flannel 

When it comes to men’s fashion, you really can never go wrong with a flannel during fall. Flannels are not just for cowboys and grandpas, if they are worn right they can be the perfect option for almost any occasion from day to date night. With flannels, it comes down to color. A flannel too flashy is never a good idea, and will in fact give you that cowboy vibe. But a great example is one pictured above, simple yet stylish. Maroon is always a great option. Flannels are great if you are a bit lazy, need to feel comfortable at al times, and are looking for an alternative to wearing a sweatshirt everyday. They can be found at almost any clothing store, so what are you waiting for?! Go get em!


4. White Button Down


I do not think I can stress this enough, when in doubt always report back to the classic white button down. It is timeless, can work in any season, and you can wear it to any occasion. From a day at work to a crazy night out, a white button down always works. it matches everything and gives the look that you tried, but not too hard. it is an effortless kind of chic that will elevate your everyday look. 

5. The perfect pair of Jeans

There is no denying that the perfect pair of jeans is essential for any fall wardrobe. The wash and fit are very important. I am currently obsessed with the wash in the photo featured above. Skinny jeans are out right now, and although I am sure they will make a comeback, stick them in the back of your closet for the next couple years. You are going for comfort in jeans, more loose fitted and baggy. Having a good pair that can be worn in everyday life and go with everything is so important and a greta way to elevate your style this fall. Denim is huge right now and you are guaranteed to kill the game with a kick ass pair of jeans!

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6. Layer

In my personal opinion, men need to take advantage of layering more. Layering is a great way to enhance your style this fall. Men’s fashion is something that we have seen play a large influence in the fashion of women over the past few years, especially in terms of layering. We are seeing much more loose fitted clothing and classic button downs in women clothing that started with mens. Layering shirts and jackets with sweaters and such are a great way to elevate any outfit that provides comfort and style. 

7. Hats Hats Hats


Another great way to enhance your look this fall is to accessorize through the use of hats. This can be done with a baseball cap, beanie, or if you are feeling bold a fedora. I think where a lot of men go wrong when it comes to hats is through color choice. You can represent your favorite sports team by still incorporating the color into your outfit. Sometimes the outfit put together is great, but the hat is flashy and does not go. my biggest advice for accessorizing with hats is to try and stay with a neutral color pallet. This will add to the look, rather than becoming the center point of it. 

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