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10 Ways To Elevate Your Instagram Aesthetic

Developing and maintaining your aesthetic on Instagram can be challenging! It’s easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of filters and trends. Take the time to get to know what you like and what works for you. It’s great to look for inspiration from others, but make sure you are staying true to what you like to post. Staying consistent is key, once you develop your ‘brand’ you can work on perfecting it. Below I have included 10 tips and tricks to perfect and maintain your Instagram aesthetic!

1. Use A Preset Consistently

Using a preset is an easy and effortless way to create a cohesive look for your feed! Consistently using presets is a great way to establish an organized and clean color theme. You can experiment with preset packs to see which tone works for you. Avid Instagrammers know that a great preset can amp up your entire feed! If you are looking to achieve a look similar to your favorite bloggers, try using the Lightroom app to edit from your phone.

2. Use Dispo For Film Pictures

If you are looking for a vintage and effortless look, a film camera app is the way to go. These apps allow you to take realistic film photos without investing in a camera. The app ‘dispo’ allows you to get the classic film aesthetic, perfect for a night out or concert. Switching up your normal preset or filter for a retro look is an effortless way to get the “casual” look that is trending right now.

3. Invest In A Bluetooth Tripod

If you have ever felt the frustration of wanting a picture in your cute outfit, but nobody is available to help you out, you need a Bluetooth tripod. This well-kept influencer secret is how so many of our favorite bloggers are able to get the perfect photo with ease. With this hack, any location can be the perfect photo shoot spot. You simply connect your phone to the BlueTooth remote and you are instantly able to take quality Instagram pictures from your bedroom or dorm.

4. Spice Up Your Story Highlight Covers

A great way to elevate your Instagram aesthetic is to coordinate your story highlight covers. This is a great way to make your Instagram look more professional. You can also use story highlights as a way to express your aesthetic. You may want to make each highlight match the content of your stories, or you may use one image to match. Pinterest has a variety of trendy story highlight covers, there is a set to match any aesthetic.

5. Create A General Theme For Your Profile

One of the best ways to elevate your Instagram account is to create a general theme or color scheme for your page. If you are using a preset, taking pictures in places with matching backgrounds or lighting can help establish a theme. Using accents in your photos that relate to your general theme or color, such as accessories helps keep your Instagram looking corresponding.

6. Use PicsArt To Edit Your Photos

Instagram is evolving into space to post creative and original pictures. If you struggle with spicing up a selfie, PicsArt allows you to draw or edit a unique picture. There is a variety of inspiration on Pinterest you can reference, tap into your artistic side and edit away!

7. Get Creative With Tour Instagram Story: Post Your OOTD

Posting ‘outfit of the day’ pictures is a great way to add style and consistency to your Instagram feed. Not only does it give you new content to post regularly, but it’s also a way to show off your personal style. For more engagement, be sure to tag the brands you are wearing.

8. Test The Layout  Of Your Posts

Testing the layout of your posts is vital when establishing your aesthetic on Instagram. We have all felt the frustration of hating the way a picture looks on our feed after we posted it. The order you post your photos can make a huge difference in the way your feed looks! By testing the order in which you will post, you are able to organize the color theme and variety of your photos. There are many apps available that allow you to plan your Instagram posts however far in advance you’d like. With this tip, you are also able to pre-plan how you will crop photos to fit with previous posts. My personal favorite being “Preview”, you are able to plan stories, posts, and reels ahead of time! I promise you- once you start planning your posts in advance you’ll never want to go back.

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9. Change Up Your Poses

Most of us know what it’s like to get comfortable doing the same one or two poses. Once you find what works for you it can be hard to branch out of your comfort zone! Changing up your poses and camera angle can make the world of difference when looking at your feed. I like to use Pinterest to find fun and new poses, you can also find inspiration on the explore page! You can even create your own new poses by trying new things and moving with the camera. If you are having difficulty finding a new way to position yourself, try incorporating the scenery into it!

10. Explore Your Area And Find New Places To Take Pictures

Taking aesthetic photos doesn’t have to be a hassle! Grab one of your friends and explore your area, you never know when you will find the perfect photo opportunity. If you are looking for some inspiration, try a local coffee shop or farmers market. Taking cute Instagram photos doesn’t have to be boring and stressful, you can make a day of it while finding fresh places to take aesthetic photos.

11. Remember To Have Fun Experimenting!

Elevating your aesthetic on Instagram doesn’t have to be difficult. There are many small changes you can make that will improve your feed over time. Experiment with new things and remember to have fun while you’re at it! Share your favorite editing app below! 

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