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10 ways to be more productive

Are you trying to discover more ways to be productive? Maybe you can’t stick to a certain schedule or are having trouble focusing, this is for you!

Have an agenda

Grab a notebook, a piece of paper, a word document, anything to keep track of your tasks. It is impossible to remember every detail a professor says for homework and what you have to do for your school organizations. Even putting down things such as cleaning your room or doing laundry can help you from getting overwhelmed and forgetting what you need to complete. I try to keep it as organized as possible and include as much information as I need, because if you go back to it days later you need to know what you were writing about. Making this a habit will prevent you from rushing to do twenty assignments the night before it’s due.

Have a set schedule

Plan out times you want to do each task. If you are most awake and alert in the morning, do your homework during that time and relax later in the day. If you decide what time you will do work, go to class, eat food it will be easier to figure out how you will complete everything. If you sit around watching tv all morning then have classes all at night, it will be difficult for you to get anything done. It also helps you set up your week much better. If you know you will be hanging out with your friends on Thursday, plan to do all your work for Friday on Wednesday.

Set aside rest time

No matter how hectic your schedule is, you need to set aside rest time. Whether it is ten minutes or a few hours, you need to do something for yourself. Take a walk, lay in bed, take a long shower, whatever will help you unwind and get your mind off all of your tasks. Taking time to relax will help you get more done in the long run rather than cramming it all in at once.

Move your body

You would be surprised how much moving your body will help your mind. Just taking a walk between assignments will help you get your work done faster and have greater quality. It gives you a chance to clear your mind and reset. It also keeps you awake and off your computer screen for a few minutes. Grab a snack and some water to help keep your body nourished and ready to work. 

Have a clean working space

Clutter and thrown around papers are the key to disaster. If you are disorganized physically, you will be mentally too. You are way less motivated to open your laptop and complete that assignment when your desk is covered in trash and objects. Add some decor such as a plant or inspiring quotes to lighten up your workspace and encourage your productivity. Keeping your workspace clean will improve your mood and have you submitting those assignments on time. 

Limit distractions

Turn your phone on, do not disturb and shut off the television. Having your phone constantly chiming off notifications or the television revealing the culprit in the series will not help your productivity. If you want to, go to your local library or a study room to prevent yourself from being distracted. If you know you will be tempted, leave your phone in another room then the one you’re working in. That way a hundred percent of your attention is on the task at hand and not off on Twitter checking the latest gossip.

Set realistic goals

If you are planning to do a month’s worth of work in one night, it is never going to work out. You are likely going to be so stressed you will get nothing done. You know what length of time and work you can complete in a certain time frame, you rather give yourself extra time than rush last minute to do everything. There will be days you feel more motivated to do extra work, but there are also going to be days you will not want to do any work so you have to be prepared.

See Also

Do the hardest task first

While reading off your to-do list, you may be wanting to do your easiest assignments first. You know you are not going to stress out and it is going to take less time. That is exactly why you shouldn’t do it first. If you know you have set aside a few hours to do work, you should start with the hardest thing. That way you get it done and it’s not constantly in your mind for days. Most of the time it is not as difficult as we expect it to be, so if you do it right away you don’t have to worry about it. After that you can do the easy assignments without having to wonder if you are going to get it done on time.

Stay accountable

Don’t completely disregard your agenda and start slacking, because then you will never be able to create a routine. Tell a friend or family member what you want to accomplish, because then when they ask you about it you can say whether or not you completed what you said you would. Staying on top of what you want to do is so important, because once you start missing assignments and not focusing it will be harder and harder to get back on track.

Reward yourself

Don’t forget to treat yourself! Eat that piece of pizza or watch that reality show you have been waiting to watch all week. Planning how you will reward yourself before doing your work will help motivate you to get it done. Don’t let yourself do it before you do your work though, because then you will be focused on that instead of getting anything done. Do this sparingly as well, because if you do it after each sentence of your paper you will never get it done.

What ways are you going to try to stay productive? Comment below!

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