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10 Ways to Be a Badass Female

Everyone has a picture in their mind when they hear badass. That is because everyone has their own idea of what a badass looks like.  However, many of us can agree that being a badass female entails a certain attitude and mindset. In movies and sometimes in shows, we encounter the idea of a badass female; by definition, it would be a female we can aspire to be or take some aspects from and apply to our lives to make it better or more enhanced.  Below are ten ways that you can be a badass female.

1. Stand Up For Those Who Cannot Stand Up For Themselves

Sometimes, we witness things that are completely out of line. We tend to shy away from it and not get involved, but there are times when you know something is wrong and have opportunities to have your voice heard. You should always stand up for yourself and for those who cannot. If we continue to ignore issues, nothing will be resolved; people can claim they didn’t know or use any other excuses to back up poor behavior. Remember, there are always safe and smart ways to approach situations that require you to step in or take action.

2. Go After The Career Or Job You Want

There will be people who tell you that you cannot do things in life. Sometimes you will hear that you are less strong than a man because you are a female or cannot do a particular job. Some people will tell you that you do not have what it takes to achieve a particular career or job. More often than not, you will not achieve that job or career if you believe or listen to what others are feeding you.  a badass female will go after their dream and prove others wrong. A badass female will refuse to back down.

3. Demand Respect When Needed

Sometimes we are brushed off; we tend to let others get away with little digs at us or let others slide when it comes to rude comments because we fear conflict or controversy. However, if we do not demand respect, we will never get it. It does not matter if it is the workplace or around friends and family. If you feel you are being disrespected, you should bring it to attention and discuss it like adults. Never let another person make you feel inferior or unimportant.

4. Be Confident

It is not easy. I know that we tend to get knocked down or feel insecure about our abilities or physical appearance. We are told we have to be a certain way to be worthy or accepted and love. However, this is not true. Confidence is sexy and shows we can do anything regardless of what others think. You may not always do everything right, or you may fall from time to time, but confidence can make all the difference in how others view that hiccup and, most importantly, how you view yourself.

5. Flaunt Your Intelligence

We are often told we are not smart, we are not equal to men, that we cannot be as smart as another person. We are not able to achieve the same level of intelligence as other human beings. That is completely false, and we have every right to showcase our intelligence. We should never be told to hide our intelligence or accomplishments. We should be proud of what we have achieved or are capable of achieving.

6. Don’t Be Afraid To Overcome Obstacles And Hardships Regardless Of The Outcome

In other words. Don’t be afraid to try to take on something difficult. Most things in life are not easy, and anything worth having is worth working hard for. You may not always overcome the obstacle, but you most certainly can try your hardest. Others will see that you tried, but you will also feel great about yourself for the work you put in to overcome the hardship. Life is full of challenges; it is how we handle them that makes us a true badass.

7. Stop Comparing Yourself To Other Women

You are unique. You are made the way you were intended to be. We are told how to look, dress, what we need to do to be attractive. We criticize each other; we tend to talk about other women because we feel insecure and want to make ourselves feel better. We feel like we need to compete with one another and always be the best. That is a lot of pressure to be put under, and it is unrealistic.

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8. Do Not Settle For Someone Who Won’t Give You Their Best

Sometimes we stay with someone or enter a relationship with someone because we really want to be with them. However, they may not give you their best or treat you the best. They may love someone else and not treat you with respect or give you 100 percent when giving them your best. Staying with someone like this or in a relationship like this will only cause you pain. A badass will stand up and know their worth. They will demand to be given the best because they are giving their best. Do not settle, and know you deserve a respectful relationship.

9. Fight For What You Believe In

If you are adamant about something, then you should fight for that thing. There are many things you could believe in, whether it is a movement or even your own human rights. You may want to right a wrongful act or take on injustice. Whatever is important to you and is a passion of yours should be something you fight for respectfully, of course. It was once said that good girls seldom make history, but fighting for what you believe in does not mean you are not a good girl. Perhaps, it means you will be labeled as both. You may be considered a rebel to go against the grain, but your intentions are pure. It is believed that Ulrich Thatcher said this quote to encourage good girls to make history, not rebel. Regardless, the interpretation. Fighting for your beliefs is not rebellious; it is not a criminal act. It is badass at its finest.

10. Support Others

As mentioned above, we often compete with one another and compare ourselves to each other. Of course, this is not something we should be doing. We should be believing in ourselves and hold value in ourselves, but another important aspect of being a true badass is supporting others. Sometimes supporting others may be more difficult than believing in ourselves. Jealousy and resentment are part of human nature, but we can choose to be good friends by being supportive and happy for others. We also should remember that just because someone else is succeeding, it does not take away from our successes or potential. We can also show support by helping someone we know that is struggling. We can show our support by offering any help we can and not gossip or blab to the world about it.  Be the kind of woman you would want to be friends with because that is a true badass.

What do you think of the list on how to be a badass woman? Remember, being a badass is not being a rebel; it is strong, confident, and standing up for what’s most important to you.

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