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10 Ways To Stay Fit At UCLA

10 Ways To Stay Fit At UCLA

Finding time to complete a hardcore workout is never easy, but with these easy ways to stay fit at UCLA, you can use campus to your healthiest advantage.

1. Wear sports clothes to class.

Trust me, you’re still going to look good, just don’t do it the sloppy way. Try to wear yoga pants and a cool shirt with clean sneakers. This is the first step. This way you’ll be able to work out at any hour on campus – no excuses! It’s easier to exercise if you already have your workout clothes on.

2. Walk more.

If you drive a car to UCLA, you should park as far as possible from your class building. If you do so, you’ll have to walk more, or run if you’re late (you can even do it on purpose).


3. Take the stairs.

Best way to always take the stairs is to park at parking level two and enter to campus through the Janss Steps entrance to the university (the original 87 steps will make you sweat). And don’t avoid all the other stairs on campus!

4. Exercise between classes.

You can walk from one building to another and that’s exercising, but if you have time, you should join the fit breaks on the way to class, before, or after. You can join the fit breaks (five days a week, 15 minute classes) at the Inverted Fountain, Shapiro Courtyard, Wilshire Building, Murphy Hall Lawn, SRLF Library, Krieger Early Care, and KREC Studio and Guesthouse (Tuesday and Thursday afternoons only). Just remember there’s no class on rainy days!

5. Attend the fit zone programs.

With classes starting from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., you can have free classes of meditation & relaxation, yoga, Pilates, a wet workout, Zumba, hula hooping, Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Ever heard of a laugh workout? Come to “laugh your abs off” class! You can also practice soccer and basketball without being on the Bruins team.


6. Walk instead of taking the BruinBus.

UCLA has a grocery shuttle that transports students between the dorms and Westwood on weekends, and my advice is to only take it when coming back from the grocery store with your grocery bags. Don’t buy it all online either; you can use this time to burn calories just by walking around the market store.

7. Participate in the annual 5k race.

The race is always in benefit of a good cause and you going is in benefit of your own health. If you register with anticipation it’ll force you to start training before.

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8. Visit the art exhibitions during your free time.

Check out the Fowler Museum or Kerckhoff Hall. This way, you’ll be walking around, burning calories, and looking interesting all at the same time.

9. Attend stand-up comedy events.

At Kerckhoff Hall, laughing is considered an exercise! Plus, you can have a great time here with friends.


10. Be careful where you eat.

Luckily, our school provides healthy benefits for us Bruins to stay fit at UCLA. The best you can do is prepare your own food, but sometimes we don’t have enough time. When this is the case, it’s best to find the healthiest options on campus. Bruin Plate has the healthiest menu and Greenhouse on Terrace Court is always a solid option. Check out the menu for the day you can find the nutrition facts for every meal on campus.


Have any other tips to stay fit at UCLA? Comment below!

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