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10 Ways To Start The Semester Off Right At SJU

10 Ways To Start The Semester Off Right At SJU

As the summer is winding down, it’s time to start thinking about heading back to school. The start of each semester can bring both nerves and excitement. In order to make sure you start off on the right foot, here are 10 easy things to do at SJU!

1. Plan your wardrobe.

Nothing beats being prepared for the weather. Buy your essentials for the season ahead to make it easier for you throughout the semester. Add in a few business casual pieces for networking events.



2. #SquadGoals.

This is inevitable, but make new friends! Say hi to someone new in class or introduce yourself to someone in your dorm. If you’re going to grad school, you’ll feel like a freshman all over again but you’ll be fine. You’ve done this before.


3. Set money aside for books (and supplies).

They’re. Expensive.



4. Keep working on your personal brand.

The competition continues as you strive to set yourself apart from the pack. Find out what makes you different and share it with the world. Employers are always looking for the next best candidate for opening positions.



5. Decorate your space.

Bring your four walls to life and add a few affirmations, paintings and photos. Pillows and a throw blanket should help to make your room feel cozy.

Tip: Browse YouTube for DIY projects to see inspiring ways to decorate!



6. Organize everything.

Start the semester at SJU off right by keeping your space and planner neat so you know when and where to find stuff!



7. Get plenty of exercise.

Your success as a student includes how you treat your body. Want to feel good? Get in the gym for at least 60 minutes.

Perks: Relieve stress, increase focus and concentration, improve memory retention, stimulate the brain.

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8. Plan meals.

Plan and prepare what you’ll eat for meals ahead of time. It’s healthier and cheaper. You’ll feel better, while saving money.


Tip: Spice up last night’s leftovers and put it in your lunch bag.


9. Check for new changes on campus.

New things are always being planned at SJU. Keep an eye out.


Tip: You might find some surprises in Bent Hall & St. Augustine Hall (the library).

10. Look ahead.

Last but not least, visualize how you will spend the rest of your semester. You will attract just that with your thoughts.

What are you doing to start your semester? Comment below and if you found these tips helpful, don’t forget to share!
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