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10 Fun Things To Do On Spring Break At Home

10 Fun Things To Do On Spring Break At Home

There's nothing wrong with spending spring break at home! Here are some fun things to do on spring break at home and things you can do during your vacation!

You have to spend spring break at home. And with all of your friends buying bikinis and figuring out what excursions they are going to go on while on their spring break vacation, it can be hard to remember that you aren’t going to be with them.  But who says staying home has to be boring? Here are some fun things to do on spring break at home and hey, who knows, maybe you’ll have even more fun than you would somewhere else!

1. Get a head start on future homework and projects.

With spring break in the middle of the semester, it means school is becoming chaotic and a lot of assignments are given out.  Take advantage of the free time you will have while at home and get as much done as you can so you aren’t stressing out like everyone else will be.


2. Deep clean and re-organize your room.

Make your room enjoyable to come home to!  Take this time to clean out your closet and underneath your bed.  Maybe you have some clothes you could donate or other items you can get rid of?  And if you get this done during spring break, you won’t feel as cluttered when you have to bring your college stuff back for the summer.


3. Catch up with friends from home.

You know those people who you are always telling that you HAVE to catch up with but then never do? Well, stop ditching them and take some time during the week to catch up over coffee or at the mall. If they aren’t away on spring break, head to their campus! They can even introduce you to other friends who are fun and you guys can all have fun together.


4. Start a new workout plan.

So maybe your New Year’s resolution to work out more fell through.  You can get a fresh start during break and start a healthy habit.  Since it will be March, most days will be a beautiful day for some biking or running.  Or, you can head to the gym and check out that cute guy lifting weights.

5. Have a girl’s day with your mom.

While at college it can be hard to stay close with your parents.  You can spend time with them during break by getting your nails done together or just cozy-ing up on the couch and watching a movie that you both love.  Take this spring break to make some memories with your family- you can never regret that!


6. Cook up some new recipes.

Stop just pinning yummy recipes and actually make them! This can help pass the time by, and will help your parents out a lot.  You could even make a dessert and visit a shelter or nursing home- it would be a great and fulfilling experience.

7. Catch up on your much-needed sleep.

Sleep deprivation is basically required to be a college student. But during spring break you don’t have to be that way. Take advantage of being able to sleep in and take naps.  Not good at taking naps? Then relax and binge-watch on that Netflix series you’ve wanted to start.

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8. Treat Yoself!

Take a note form Tom and Donna from Parks and Rec and spend a day treating yourself! Head to the spa, get a massage, request the prime rib, order that venti Starbs with extra shots- TREAT YOSELF, GIRL!

9. Curl up with a good book.

Take some time and read a book that you’ve always to.  You can go to Barnes and Noble and take a look at their selection. Some even have a Starbucks inside and you can read there for a little getaway from the real world.  Try out The Girl on the Train before it hits theaters this year!

10. Try out a new hobby.

Have you been wanting to learn how to sew, knit, cook, or paint? Now you can because of all of the time you have this break.  Get out of your comfort zone and attend a pottery class or even an exercise class at the gym- you can make new friends there, too!

Did you enjoy reading these fun things to do on spring break at home? Any other ways to spend spring break our readers should know about? Comment below and share!
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