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10 Ways to Prepare for MSS Freshman Year

During high school everyone is preparing for the college process, mainly applying to colleges and universities, getting into schools, and choosing one- but what comes next? If you chose Mississippi State University, you have made a great choice! Now you just have to think of ways to get ready for your MSS freshman year. If you are looking for ways to get ready for MSS freshman year, keep reading!


1. Make sure you are aware of your housing assignment.

Mississippi State has seriously amazing dorm halls. Where we live will create the foundation to our experience because it changes when we get up, where we eat, who we meet, and where we are in the middle of the day. Whether you are assigned Rice, Hull, Oak, or Dogwood and anything in between, you can make your dorm experience great! Once you figure out your housing, you can make a dorm items checklist, explore campus, and get excited for the fall!


2. Go to MSS Orientation.

Orientation at Mississippi State is a whole lot of fun. Walking up and seeing the excited group leaders and all of your fellow freshmen makes moving in seem like it cannot come soon enough! Orientation helps to get ready for freshman year because you register for classes, explore campus, get your summer reading book, meet lots of cool people, and check out the places to eat- plus so much more! Orientation gives you an overload of information about State, but that info helps MSS freshman year seem less intimidating!



3. Visit and explore the campus!

Mississippi State is a big school with a beautiful campus, but I was mildly worried at first because I have no sense of direction. Getting lost seemed both fun and inevitable, but also a little scary. Exploring campus let me see more of the beautiful place I am soon going to call home. There are indeed parts of campus they didn’t show me on the campus tour and seeing them was a cool experience. This gave me some great ideas of study spots and hangout areas for the fall!

4. Download Apps for MSS!

The Hail State Rewards and Bully Walk apps are really awesome! Just in case exploring campus doesn’t keep you from getting lost, Bully Walk will and it looks a lot less dorky than the typical freshman walking around with a big map in your hands! Bully Walk is like Google Maps, but it has directions to Academic buildings, and other important locations on campus. Hail State Rewards is your go-to app for anything game-day related. Apps are great, but I’m sure you already knew that!


5. Go to OrgSync and explore State’s organizations.

OrgSync is the website that shows all of State’s organizations! Mississippi State has just about every kind of group you can think of! Research these to get ready for freshman year! Now is the time to join the groups with people who like the same things you do. You’ll probably make lots of friends if you search for the right group!

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6. Research who your professors are.

This one seems obvious, but is a great way to see what your professors are like from the view of students. Of course this is not always accurate, but it is a good start. Knowing professors can help you choose classes, or just get an idea about how that eight a.m. class is going to be.

7. Get a Cowbell.

Of course, you just can’t go to Mississippi State without a cowbell! They are cute in the dorm, and they’re even greater on game day! The sound of cowbells ringing in the stadium is the best sound in the world! Supporting our Bulldogs is always fun with the cowbell! Clanga Clanga Clanga!

8. Order your textbooks.

You can’t do college without books! There are tons of places to get textbooks! Once you find the best deal, order the books! Check out this site for discounted textbooks! Whether you actually use them or not, it is never a bad idea to get them just in case.

9. Gather your dorm items.

Once you get a dorm, there are certain things you need to put in it! Storage containers are great because freshman year will teach you that there is not a lot of space for the stuff you have at college! Making sure you have everything you need during the summer will help make your first days at college a lot less stressful. If you need some help with a packing list for college, read this!

10. Get Excited!!

There is only so much preparing you can do. The best way to start college at Mississippi State University is to get excited about the four amazing years that are about to come! Mississippi State has tons of great opportunities, cool programs, fun events, and wonderful people. Get excited. As I like to say, Hail State Can’t Wait!


What are some other ways to prepare for MSS Freshman Year? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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