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10 Ways To Make Time For Yourself This Semester

10 Ways To Make Time For Yourself This Semester


During the school year it’s easy to get caught up in assignments, papers and finals. Add internships, friends, family and other activities on top of school and you may begin to feel overwhelmed. When this happens it’s important to take some “me” time. This means making time for yourself and doing something you enjoy. Set aside time on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to step away from the stresses of life, recharge, and make time for yourself. Here are 10 easy ways to do just that!

1. Make a cup of tea.

There’s nothing better than curling up with a nice, hot cup of tea. Plus there’s an added bonus. Herbal teas not only smell amazing, but they also relax the muscles and nervous system. Talk about soothing the mind.


2. Have a spa day.

It’s time to pull out the facemasks and nail polish. Pamper yourself with all of the necessary spa treatments, paint your nails your favorite color and relax!


3. Practice some yoga.

Set aside 20 minutes to stretch out and try some yoga poses. They don’t have to be intense; the important thing is that you relax both your body and mind.

4. Dance it out.

Turn on your favorite tunes and have a five-minute dance party. Letting it all out while listening to some feel good music will have you feeling rejuvenated in no time.


5. Open a book.

When’s the last time you sat down with a good book? Get cozy and read that book that’s been on your list forever.


6. Get in the kitchen.

You know those Pinterest recipes you’ve never gotten around to? Try out a new recipe once a month and you might even find a new favorite dish!

7. Have a TV or movie marathon.

That TV show that you love to watch again and again? It’s calling your name. That movie that came out two months ago but you never got to see? Now’s the time. Make some popcorn, grab a blanket, and watch all of the movies and TV shows your heart desires.

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8. Get writing.

Clear your mind by writing down your thoughts in a journal or maybe write a letter to that friend you haven’t seen in awhile.


9. Learn to meditate.

Meditation is a great way to clear a busy mind. Train your mind to let go of all outside thoughts every once in a while and you will be truly happy.


10. Do nothing.

Yes, that’s right, do nothing. Sometimes the best way to recharge is to do absolutely nothing. So sit back, relax and enjoy finding some inner peace.

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