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10 Ways To Make Money In College

10 Ways To Make Money In College

There’s no doubt that your college years will be the poorest years in your lifetime. From living off Ramen noodles to attending every event just for the freebies, all college students share something in common: being broke. You might feel miserable, but not too worry, even as a full-time student, you can still make money in college.

1. Tutoring

If you are proficient in a specific course subject, why not put your brain to use by signing up to be a tutor at your college? Most colleges require that you have completed certain requirements and that you are capable of teaching the course to another student. Depending on how long you work and the difficulty of the material, students can earn $20-$40 in a session.

2. Babysitting

If the thought of a diaper change and being responsible for another individual doesn’t scare you, then this is the way to go. Babysitting will allow you to unleash your inner child, while still having time to do homework during nap time. Finding a babysitting job is not difficult. There are a lot of parents looking for someone to take care of their toddlers while they work. They key is to ask around.


3. Applying to Desk Jobs

On every campus, there are desk-jobs that are open to students. Many of these jobs can be found in either dormitories or various campus buildings around. This job is fairly easy especially if you’re looking to get some money, while still having time for homework. You don’t need a lot of experience either, as you’ll be doing more clerical work, like answering phones and filling out paperwork.

4. Becoming a Lab Rat

You’ve probably received a dozen emails from psychology labs and hospitals regularly
seeking people for research studies. This job could require you to fill out questionnaires or test drugs. There could definitely be some adverse health effects when it comes to testing drugs, but if the money is worth the risk, then go for it. But for those who would rather take the safer route, stick to the general research studies.

5. Becoming a Research Assistant

There are various assistant jobs on college campuses and being a research assistant is one of them. As a research assistant, you’ll be working under a professor who is carrying out university-funded research. This job is usually demanding, but it provides you with the opportunity to be an integral part of the research process. Depending on your level of expertise, and the type of research being done, you can get a good chunk of money for this.


6. Donating Plasma

Donating plasma has become an easy way for students to make as much as $30 as a first-time plasma donor. Donors have to be in good health condition and weigh at least 110 lbs, amongst other qualifications. If you are not medically capable to donate, or are afraid of the process, then you should consider doing something else to make money in college.

7. Becoming A Note Taker

It can be tough to make it to that 8 a.m class that you unfortunately signed up for, but becoming a paid note taker could be just the incentive to get you going. There’s nothing tedious in becoming a note taker because all you need is to be present in class and take down the notes, which you can then sell to other students. Make money in college by getting paid to do the work you’ve already done. Win-win.

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8. Selling Your Old Text Books

Buying textbooks at the beginning of the semester can leave your wallet crying. At the end of the semester, rather than throw them away or stashing them in the garage, sell them and get some money back. Some campus bookstores buy books back, but they don’t usually give a good price for them, so try selling them on eBay or to another student.

9. Selling Your Crafts

If you’re into making crafts, selling your creations on online shops like Etsy and Shopify is a great way to make money in college. These sites will allow you to market and sell your crafts as you would in a regular store.

10. Filling Out Surveys

From the comfort of your bedroom, you can make some extra cash by filling out surveys. This is a less traditional method of making money. Although paid surveys might seem too good to be true, there are some legitimate ones out there. Opinion Outpost is safe and easy to fill out, and you can take as many as you’d like.

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