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10 Ways To Eat Like An Adult In College

There’s no doubt that all college students eat a similar diet during their college years. We can identify that diet as one consisting of: pizza, grilled cheese, mac and cheese, salad (if feeling healthy) and Chinese food. Us students want food that will fuel us for that test coming up, for fighting an oncoming cold, for making us feel at home, and for going out on the weekend. Unfortunately, this type of food isn’t what ‘adults’ tend to eat on a daily basis. I’m not saying to ditch the chicken tenders for good (because what would be the fun in that) but do branch out and try new things. As you mature, so will your taste buds! Here are some tips for eating more like an adult rather than a nineteen-year-old student.

1. Trying something new on the menu.

When you go out to eat, try something new on the menu. You may discover something you thought you didn’t like but you actually do. And just because there may be mushrooms in the dish (and you don’t like mushrooms) try it anyways or order it without mushrooms.

2. Eat more vegetables.

“I don’t like vegetables” is something you can get away with as a child but not an adult. Sure you’re going to like some vegetables more than others (french fries are potatoes, right?) but it’s important to incorporate them into your daily diet.


3. Make bar food a less frequent indulgence.

Hamburgers, chicken tenders, and traditional bar food is delicious. But it’s also rather unhealthy and should be enjoyed in moderation. If you want to eat more like an adult, this is a big and important step.


4. Watch the Food Network.

Watching Chopped or your favorite celebrity chef will inspire you to eat and make food. You’ll discover new pairings, cooking techniques, and flavor combinations. I’ve always enjoyed watching food be created on television although it makes me very hungry!


5. Start cooking for yourself.

A step towards eating like an adult is acting like one: start cooking your own food! Most colleges have kitchens in upperclassmen dorms. Be an adult by going to the grocery store and serving up a unique dish.


6. Don’t eat takeout or fast food on a regular basis.

Like bar food, we love our Chipotle, McDonald’s, Chinese, and Panera a little too much. Plenty of adults eat this food, but again, it should be food enjoyed on an occasion.


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7. Try more adventurous foods.

Have you ever tried lamb? Bear? Venison? Squid? Impress your dinner mates by eating food that is commonly unheard of! If you don’t like it, you don’t like it. But hey, at least you tried it.

8. Enjoy more meals with adults.

Eating with adults will only encourage and motivate you to eat like an adult. So instead of eating out with fellow classmates, go out with your older friends who you will acquire throughout your college years.


9. Go vegetarian for a week.

Eating no meat for a week will inspire you to eat more like an adult because meat is a big part of the typical college diet. You’ll have a deeper appreciation for beans, vegetables, and other sources of nutrition and protein.

10. Eat at a fancier restaurant here and there.

Treat yourself once in a while to a more expensive meal at a fancier restaurant. Fancier restaurants tend to have more escalated food options. You can try that fancy scallop dish with pea puree and a balsamic drizzle that will totally impress whoever you’re eating with. Restaurants like these tend to make dishes extra delicious which will only encourage you to try more food.


Remember that you are not a full, dependent adult yet, so you don’t have to act like one all the time. However, it’s a good idea to get a start on eating more like an adult! College is only four years after all.

What are some other tips to help eat like an adult in college? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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Emma Lemay

Emma LeMay is an avid journaler, aspiring world traveler, and loyal Earl Grey drinker. She plans on double majoring in public relations & advertising and minoring in journalism at Marist College.

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