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10 Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day

10 Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day

Our mothers go above and beyond for us and our happiness. They deserve the best all year round, but on their special day, we come out with the best of the best for them. Here are 10 ways to celebrate Mother’s Day!

1. Go on a staycation.

If you can’t afford a lot for Mother’s Day, booking a stay in a local resort could be the way to go. Relaxing by the pool, breakfast in bed, and a bed you don’t have to make – what could be better than that?

 2. If you’re 21, take your mom wine tasting.

If you can afford it, Napa Valley would be an amazing place to go. However, every state has somewhere you can just sit back, enjoy the scenery, and sip on a glass of red or white. Perfect ways to celebrate mother’s day!


3. Throw a brunch with your siblings, for all the moms of the family.

Chances are, there are multiple mothers and kids in the family. Have all the relatives get together and throw the moms a fun garden brunch. Brunches are great ways to celebrate mother’s day and celebrate all the ladies!

4. Go to a spa.

Take your mom to get her nails done, a facial, and a massage. It will be equally relaxing for you! Trust me she will love these ways to celebrate mother’s day by getting fully pampered!

5. Tour your city downtown.

Going downtown can be really fun. You get to explore local coffee shops, local boutiques, and local arts. Do some research to see if there is any kind of market going on.


6. See a musical or play.

Going to see a production is an excuse to buy a new dress and heels! Get dressed up and enjoy your local fine arts community.

7. Take a road trip.

What is the next big attraction to your state? Is it Disneyland? Is it The Grand Canyon? Whatever it is, pack up and take a road trip. You’ll get to bond with your mom and sneak a vacation in.

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8. Make a gift basket.

Find some of your mom’s favorite things and put together a gift basket for her. These gifts are great ways to celebrate mother’s day and show her how much you care about her!

9. Go shopping.

There’s nothing better than going shopping with mom. Treat her to a new dress or a nice pair of shoes!

10. Camp out in your house.

Rent some chick flicks, make s’mores, and build a blanket fort just like when you were a little girl.

Do you have any other ways to celebrate Mother’s Day? Share in the comments below!
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