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10 Ways To Bond With Your New Roommate

10 Ways To Bond With Your New Roommate

Welcome to college, AKA the place where you live with a complete stranger for 180 days! Scared yet? Don’t be! Getting to know your roommate is a part of growing up and the full college experience! So, let’s make the best of it with these ten foolproof ways to bond with your new roommate!

1. Give a move-in day gift.

A great way to bond with your new roommate is to set the tone of your relationship for the rest of the semester by giving her a gift. It can be a generic collegiate gift, or you can get something a little more personal. The video below has some great DIY ideas!


2. Get dinner together in the school dining hall.

Really get to know each other by sitting down and having a meal together! Ask questions, laugh, and get a feel for what living with your roommate will be.


3. Shop for dorm decor together.

If you want your dorm room to match in decor, go shopping together! What better way to make sure you room looks great and get to know your new roommate?!


4. Go to sporting events together.

Get involved on campus and plan on attending a game together – a great way to show your school pride and bond over something you both clearly have in common; your school.


5. Binge watch a TV series together.

There’s no better way to bond than by watching reruns of Friends or the new Bachelorette together! Bonus bonding tip: invite other girls in your hall and order some pizza to join in the festivities!

6. Have an impromptu midnight conversation.

There is a magical time between midnight and 3 am where we as humans decide to have deep philosophical conversations. Chances are, you’ll end up having on of this with your new roommate (probably sooner than you think), so vent, rant, and gossip as much as you want! This is bonding at its finest!

7. Invite your roommate to hang out with your other friends.

If you and your new roommate haven’t really hit it off right away and you’ve found a group of other people you’ve immediately clicked with, try inviting her along to hang out with you and your crew. No, you don’t have to ask her to tag along every single time, but who knows, maybe having other people around will help you guys bond better!

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8. Go for a run together.

Stay accountable to your workout routine while spending time with your roommate! Sounds like a win-win to me.


9. Study together.

Studying by yourself is boring, but studying with your roommate…so much better! They’re able to help you answer questions and vice versa (that is, if they are familiar with the content your studying). If they are in a completely different major, consider options like making flashcards to have the other test you.

10. Find a common interest (there’s bound to be one)!

If the two of you love a band, food, or clothing store, talk about it! Maybe listen to the music, go out for that favorite meal, or shop til you drop!

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