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10 Unique Ways To Memorialize Your Vacation

10 Unique Ways To Memorialize Your Vacation

The best vacations are full of exciting adventures, delicious foods, and lots of shopping! Each day seems to go by too fast until suddenly you’re home and longing to be back on the beach or walking through the big city. Before your next big trip, take note of these unique ways to memorialize your vacation and keep those special moments close to your heart forever!

Keep A Travel Journal

Invest in your future self by bringing a travel journal with you on your next big trip! At the end of each day, document your adventures to keep your best vacation memories from slipping away! If you’re the type of person to keep a diary then using a travel journal should come naturally!

You can go all out by adding drawings and colorful texts or keep it simple with a few passages dedicated to each day. It’s crucial to include every detail so you can reminisce about your travels for years to come!


Film Daily Vlogs

If writing isn’t your strong suit, whip out your camera and start recording! So much can happen in a day, especially while you’re running around a place you’ve never been before. It doesn’t take long to start forgetting minor details but a video will capture all of those special moments for you! After a few years have gone by, you’ll appreciate having documentation of what you did on your vacation!


Take A Selfie Every Day

This is a fun project to memorialize your vacation and keep track of what you were doing each day. It’s much easier than writing in a journal and requires less effort than making a vlog! With a simple click of a button, you can capture how you were feeling and what you were doing! Save these iconic vacation selfies to an album on your phone for you to revisit anytime you need an endorphin boost! How could you not feel good after being reminded of how hot you were while traveling the world!

Disposable Cameras

I’m so glad that disposable cameras made a comeback because they take capturing memories to a whole new level! Instead of wasting precious time by checking to see if you look good, allow yourself to stay in the moment! You’ll find that your pictures are more genuine and spontaneous since you won’t be able to see what they look like until you get home! These cameras add an extra touch of excitement because you’ll get to relive your memories when the photos are developed!


Grab The Coolest Postcards

Postcards aren’t confined to being a gift you send to friends and family to update them on your travels! Of course, that is definitely something you should do, you can also indulge in buying them for yourself! They make great memorabilia that you can hang on your wall or add to a scrapbook.

Every tourist destination is bound to have hundreds of postcards for you to choose from. Pick one that perfectly represents the place you were visiting or the activity you were doing to keep a piece of your vacation with you!


Pick Up Some Merch

Souvenir T-Shirts are a staple in every traveler’s closet! They are stylish and show off all the places you’ve been to! Every time you put on that shirt, it will be like you’ve been transported back into your vacation! As an added bonus, you get to relive your vacation memories each time someone compliments your shirt or asks where you got it!

Collect Pins

Pins can be found inside souvenir shops all across the world but I find them to be extremely underrated. They are small but precious items that can serve as accessories or decorations! Look for a pin in every city you’ve visited and then display your travels by sticking them to your jacket or bag! 

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A step up from that is sticking the pins onto a corkboard to hang on your wall as a tribute to the places you’ve been! More than that, they can serve as reminders of the places you haven’t gone to yet! Continue to grow your pin collection with every trip you go on until you’ve created your own personal map of the world!


Make A Mini Terrarium

At some point in your life, you must have picked up some sea shells from the beach or collected a bit of dirt in a jar. Why wouldn’t you? It’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways to bring pieces of your vacation home with you! How cool would it be to have some sand or flowers from a place that is thousands of miles away!

Carry a jar in your bag to collect beautiful rocks and special flowers that you discover during your explorations. Once the trip is over, have some fun arranging your treasures in a glass bowl to capture your vacation memories!

Bring Home Menus

Food always tastes better on vacation, but the feeling of eating a French pastry or drinking English tea is so fleeting! The restaurants you visited might not seem important while you’re in the middle of your travels but I promise you it’s something you’ll want to remember! Keep track of where you ate by snagging some menus to bring home and add to your collection of memories! You’ll thank me for this when you’re trying to recall the name of the restaurant where you ate the best meal of your life! 


Track Where You Went On A Map

Traditional maps might seem old school in the modern age but they still have a lot to offer as far as keeping track of where you’ve been. While you’re on vacation, pick up a local map and mark all of the hotspots you went to! You can even add some pizzazz by tracing the roads you took and highlighting hidden gems you found! When you get home the map can become a fun statement piece on your wall or a treasured item you keep in your memory box.

I hope you’re excited to start bringing pieces of your vacation home with you! Tell us in the comments which idea you’re going to test out on your next big adventure!

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