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10 Unique Ways To Decorate Your Dorm Room This Summer

If you need some ideas on how to prepare your dorm room for summer, you’ve come to the right place! Decorating your dorm room is so fun, but it can get expensive fast! We’ve compiled a list of dorm room decorations that are simple and affordable. These dorm room decorations will brighten your space and get you ready for summer weather! 

1. Plants

Plants are a simple way to decorate your dorm room! Multiple studies have proven that plants improve your mood, increase your productivity, and boost your immunity! That makes them an ideal decoration for any living space.

If you enjoy cooking, you can grow herbs in your dorm room! Plants like basil, mint, and rosemary are easy to grow inside. They will keep your room smelling great and add a fresh taste to your meals! If you aren’t a plant care master, consider buying a few succulents. Succulents are fun and trendy, but they require very little maintenance. Or, you could just buy a few fake plants so that you don’t even have to worry about caring for them!

2. Colorful Bedding

In a small dorm room, your bed is often the focal point of the space, so why not make it fun?! Colorful bedding gives drab dorms a cheerful look. You could pick a neutral color for your sheets and add color with your pillows, or you could mix and match various colors! If you are on a budget, you may want to buy neutral sheets and have pillows to switch out for each season. You could pull out bright colors for the spring and summer, and darker colors for the fall and winter. Make sure that you decorate your dorm room to fit your personality! If you do not like the look of it, you probably will not spend much time there.

3. Black-out Curtains

Black-out curtains are a dorm room essential, especially during the summer! When the sun sets late and rises early, it can be hard to get in your beauty rest! These curtains block out the sun while keeping your room comfortable and cozy. All you need to assemble the curtains is a rod, hooks, and some nails. If your college does not allow you to put holes in the walls, you can use command hooks for a clean, damage-free solution. 

4. Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are a must in dorm rooms! They will keep your space smelling fresh and clean. If you want to change the look of your boring air freshener, you can also use scented reeds in a diffuser bottle! You can find these on Amazon, Pier One, or Pottery Barn. The scented reeds give your dorm a delightful smell, while the diffuser bottle makes it a practical decoration. No more air fresheners taking up valuable outlet space!

5. Chair Pillow

Chair pillows are a fun and practical addition to your dorm bed! They are trendy decorations that add a colorful flair, while also creating a cozy study nook. If you love your bed, then this is a must-have! If you get a chair pillow, you might consider getting a lap desk. The lap desk supports your books, computer, pens, food, and drinks as you lounge against the pillow! Both of these accessories are practical decorations that will make your dorm extra cozy!

6. Picture Wall

Picture walls are probably one of the most trendy room decorations. They are a cute and fun way to display the people and places you love! There are so many ways that you can decorate your dorm room with pictures!

If you want to go with a classic look, hang some fake vines, fairy lights, and polaroids on an empty wall. Or, make a collage on the back of your door around a full-length mirror! If you want to be unique, arrange your pictures in the shape of your home state! That way, you can fall asleep at night and be reminded of the people and places that shaped you. 

7. Bed Skirt

Bed skirts are another cute and practical dorm room decoration! If your bed is lofted, a bed skirt will cover up your extra storage. This creates a clean and organized look. You can buy different colors of bed skirts to switch out for different seasons! A bright bed skirt will add a pop of color for this summer!

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8. Washi Tape

If you like to be organized, then this decoration tip is for you! Most dorm rooms only have a few outlets, which means that you are using the same outlet for all of your chargers and cords. You can put different colors of washi tape on the cords to label them, adding a cute and fun flare to your drab cords!

You can also use washi tape to outline your pictures! Outline the border of your pictures with washi tape for a colorful accent piece!

9. Ottoman

Not only are ottomans great for supporting your feet, but they are also a practical storage piece! If you have extra blankets, cords, books, or clothing, store them in your ottoman! You can also use it to hide extra snacks from your roommates. Don’t worry, we won’t snitch on you. We recommend finding one or two ottomans that are colorful and practical for your summer decorations! 

10. Rug

Rugs are an essential decoration for any room! They give your feet a break from hard floors and provide a cozy seat for group hangouts. You will want a couple of rugs if you have enough space in your dorm room.

During the summer you will not need a big fluffy rug. Consider buying a thin, colorful rug for the summer! You will want this rug to be next to your bed so that your feet have a soft place to land in the morning. You may also want a rug under your desk chair for easy movement. 

Which of these dorm room decorations are you going to use this summer? Let us know in the comments!

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