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10 Unique Ear Piercing Ideas

One of my favorite ways to instantly accessorize any outfit is by adding all sorts of earrings in multiple piercings. Here are 10 Unique Piercing Ideas to consider next time you want to add another piercing to your collection!

I’ll never forget the time my mom allowed me to get my ears pierced in Kindergarten. Growing up with older sister who got to shop for earrings always made me the jealous younger sibling. I remember walking into Claire’s and sitting in the chair, ready to get my birthstone earrings in the sapphire stone. Flash forward to today and I still get just as excited when getting a new ear piecing (just not at Claire’s).

Ear piercings are a great way to add your own personalized touch to your look, as there’s so many different options to choose from. This list contains some of my top ear piercings ideas I have been looking at for a while now. You can go so many different ways when getting a new piercing, so enjoy the process of choosing your next look!

1. Double Forward Helix

Right now I have my own forward helix piercing, but am planning on adding a second to create the Double Forward Helix look. Usually the piercers will use a stud on this small part of your ear, but once it heals you can easily switch the stud to a hoop if you want that look. The double piercing is cohesive and simple, yet looks super cool stacked above each other. This piercing is on the higher scale for pain, but the healing process isn’t too bad since it’s on the inside part of your ear.

2. Triple Cartilage

The cartilage is one of the most classic choices for ear piercing ideas, so why not switch it up and create the stacked effect with a Triple Cartilage. All you have to do is decide how high up you want the first piercing, then mark off where you want the second and third. This is another unique look that isn’t too complex but still a fun add on to your traditional cartilage piercing.

3. Constellation Piercing

Constellation Piercing are a newer concept on the list of ear piercing ideas and have recently became super popular all over social media. If you have yet to discover the constellation piercing, basically it is a group of multiple piercings created specifically based off your own ear. Usually it ranges from 4-5 different piercings that make out the shape of a star constellation in the sky. Depending on the shape of your ear, just ask your piercer what would work best to get the desired effect.

4. Triple Lobe With Hoops

Another popular choice for ear piercing ideas is the triple lobe with hoops piercing. This is a great choice if you aren’t ready to pierce on the cartilage part of your ear but still want to add to your first hole piercing. Once all the lobe piercings have healed, go shopping for some adorable huggie hoops that you can rock in each lobe!

5. Colorful Conch Piercing

Conch piercings are definitely on the higher scale for pain when it comes to ear piercing ideas, but it is so worth it once this cool piercing has healed. The conch piercing goes right in the middle of your inner ear and can be worn with a stud or hoop to huge around the outer ear. Despite the pain, this piercing is said to even target the acupuncture points that aid in muscle relaxation!

6. Industrial Piercing

I have always admired how cool Industrial Piercings are, even though they are personally not my thing. They are known to be the most painful piercing, so with my low pain tolerance, that’s probably why. Industrials include two separate piercings that use the same jewelry piece of a straight barbell to stay connected. One part is your normal cartilage piercing, then the other is a cartilage in your inner ear. These piercings are super fun to switch out once healed, with many different options to choose from.

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7. Tragus Piercing

The Tragus Piercing is actually the next piercing on my list of ones to get. I have always thought the Tragus looked so cool with either a diamond or a thin gold hoop. The only downside to this piercing is not being able to wear headphones or fully sleeping on it, but this will go away once healed.

8. Floating Cartilage

The Floating Cartilage Piercing can also be known as a flat piercing which sits through the flat area of your skin between your ear canal and cartilage. Usually your piercer will use a screw on earring with a flat back, so you won’t have to worry about any poking from a traditional stud earring. To get the floating effect, ask your piercer to create a triangular-like shape, or a double diagonal look. If you have a low pain tolerance, I recommend getting the multiple flat piercings at different times to avoid possible infection or added discomfort.

9. Daith Piercing

A Daith Piercing is a hoop piercing that goes through the smallest fold of cartilage in your ear. This piercing is well known for being the go to ear piercing choice for those who get migraines often. It is known that piercing this trigger point in the ear helps to permanently relieve migraine. Not to mention, the daith piercing is a more subtle choice than other options, as it is less visible in the inner part of your ear.

10. Anti Tragus Piercing

The Anti-Tragus Piercing is one of the coolest choices on the list of ear piercing ideas in my opinion. For this piercing, the earring goes through the fold skin on the small, curved area above your earlobe, sitting adjacent to the tragus. Usually this piercing is worn with a small, tight fitting, thin hoop earring. This piercing is known to be a little more difficult to complete, so make sure you go to a trust piercer to avoid any infection.

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