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The 10 Most Underrated Places At UMD

The 10 Most Underrated Places At UMD

The University of Maryland has some awesome spots, but some are lesser known than others. Here are the 10 most underrated places at UMD.

1. Co-op

Stamp has plenty of options available to students when it comes to food. You got Panda Express, McDonalds, Moby Dick, and we can’t forget Chick-fil-A. How many people forget about the co-op located in the basement, which offers a wide variety of organic and natural sandwiches, salads, and the delicious daily specials?

2. Lake Artemesia

If you have ever been to Lake Artemesia, you most likely thought you weren’t in College Park anymore. It’s probably the only scenic area around, and has the best running/walking trail in CP.


3. Ledos Bar

If you get denied from Bents/Turf/Cstone at happy hour (which is likely) there’s always Ledos bar. Expect to find tall drinks at a great price, and a decent amount of lax players and TKEs.

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4. Hanami

There’s a variety of decent sushi places in College Park, including Shanghai, Wasabi, Kiyoko, and more. Hanami is often forgotten, but offers good quality sushi; and the best part is, they deliver so you don’t even have to get out bed!

5. Platos Diner

If you don’t want to deal with the never-ending line at Bagel Place, Platos is the best alternative to get a delicious breakfast on those rough Friday mornings.


6. Beltway Plaza Mall

Although Beltway is not the “ideal” shopping mall, it’s a goldmine for outfits for just about any themed social imaginable.

7. Center Park 8

About 15 minutes from campus, you can find Center Park 8 movie theater. It’s the best quality theater around (with reclining seats!) and serves as a great alternative for a Friday night if you’re not feeling up to happy hour.

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8. Taco Bell In Math Building

Believe it or not, UMD has a Taco Bell located in the math building. So if you really can’t sit through calc without a crunch wrap supreme, just take a walk down the hall to get your fix. This is one of the most deliciously underrated places at UMD.

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9. Quantum Café

This is a hidden gem, located in the Physical Sciences Complex. There you will find great vibes, food, and a relaxing work environment.

10. Secret Study Spots

If you don’t feel like dealing with the hassle of finding an open seat at McKeldin, check out either the lounge in the School of Public Policy, classrooms in the Kim Engineering Building, or the Performing Arts Library.


What are some other underrated places at UMD? Comment below!

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