10 Types Of People You’ll See On Illinois State’s Campus

While you’re walking to class, you’re definitely going to see a lot of people. At a school that has over 20,000 students, it’s hard not to come across anyone (unless you are walking around at 2 a.m. on a Tuesday, which you should never do). Here’s a list of 10 types of people you can’t go a day without seeing on Illinois State’s campus.

1. The Sorority Girl

I mean it’s kind of hard not to come across a few of these in every class you have. They seem to be everywhere. You can’t really go anywhere without seeing at least one, or a few, since they tend to spend a lot of time in groups. It’s not really hard to pick them out of a crowd either, since 9 times out of 10, they are probably wearing their letters on some part of their body – whether that be a hat, a t-shirt, or even one of those Alex and Ani bracelets.

2. The Athlete

Illinois State has quite a few athletes, and you are guaranteed to see a few on your way to class. Whether they be football players or softball players, you will see them all over campus, especially if you live in Tri (or spend anytime there) or at Horton.

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3. The Musician

You may not see these people daily, but you will see quite a few of them throughout the year, especially during the fall when marching band is in high gear. You will see a ton of people walking around with their instruments or flags. Even when you go to eat lunch, you will most likely see flags resting on the post just outside the dining center. And if you ever walk by Cook Hall, you just might hear someone in the practice rooms.

4. The Partier

Illinois State’s campus consists of quite a few of this type. They tend to talk a lot about parties and things that they did or saw at a previous party. Partying is always on their mind, and that’s what they like to do pretty much all the time. They go out almost every night and get wasted.

5. The Slacker

I’m sure every school has some of these people. They tend not to care about anything school related at all. It’s pretty obvious that they don’t want to be at school. They either don’t go out at all and spend all day in their room playing video games, or they go out all the time. They basically will do anything in order to avoid doing anything school related. And they only tend to go to class on exam days, if even then.

6. The Homebody

This person goes home every weekend. I mean everyone gets home sick – it’s just a natural reaction to moving away – but this person takes homesickness to another level. As John Green referred to these students in Looking For Alaska: “weekday warriors.” Basically, they tough it out during the week until they can go home for the weekend.

7. The Overachiever

Whether it be grades or extracurricular activities, they do it all and expect nothing less then perfection when doing so.

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8. The Stylista

I’m pretty sure after the first day, 90% of the school just gives up on looking nice; but there are always those girls and guys that dress nice through out the entire year. I just want to say props to them, because I wish I had the motivation to get dressed up and look presentable all the time.

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9. The Gym Goer

There’s nothing wrong with going to the gym, but some people take it way too far. You might walk through the dining center and see a guy with MASSIVE arms and legs, because he just doesn’t mess about. They tend to go to the gym every day for a few hours, and you’re likely to see a few of them walking around campus in their gear.

10. The Loner

You might not see them walking around constantly on Illinois State’s campus, but you could see them on your floor or in your building. This person likes to be by themselves all the time. They eat alone, spend the weekend alone, etc. They tend to stay in and watch movies or read instead of going out and making new friends or partying.

What other types of people will you see on Illinois State’s campus? Comment below!

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Victoria Bobrowski

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