10 Trendy Outfits To Copy This Summer

If you need some trendy outfit inspiration for summer, you’re in the right place! Whether you are running errands, doing a photoshoot, or shopping with friends, there is an outfit here for you. These outfits will keep you cute, comfy, and cool all summer long. 

1. Overalls & Converse

This trendy outfit is super cute and versatile! Denim goes with just about any color shirt, which means that you have lots of options. You can also wear overall shorts to keep you cool on hot days. We recommend wearing high-top converse with long overalls and regular converse with cut-off overalls. Pair your outfit with a messy braid and you’ll be set for a day of summer retail therapy!


2. Biker Shorts & Denim Top

This is one of our favorite summer looks! Biker shorts are a great way to stay cool throughout the summer. Plus, they are super versatile! We recommend getting biker shorts with pockets to hold your phone. This look works best with a form-fitting tank top and loose denim shirt. For hot days, you can pair your biker shorts with an oversized graphic tee. Pair this outfit with a baseball cap and some jewelry and you’ll be set for the day!

3. Oversized T-shirt & Jeans

Oversized tees should be a staple in everyone’s closet. They make any outfit cute, comfy, and trendy! We recommend shopping at your local thrift store for cute graphic shirts. Shopping at a thrift store is a great way to get a stylish closet without breaking your bank. Pair your oversized t-shirts with your favorite pair of jeans, some jewelry, and Birkenstocks for a cute and trendy outfit!


4. T-shirt & Dress

Layering a t-shirt under a dress is a cute way to dress up for summer! You can find layering shirts at Target, H&M, or Forever21 for a reasonable price. The best part about this look is that you can create different outfits with the same dress! You can layer shirts with different patterns under the dress to make it look like you changed your outfit. Pair your dress with some white sneakers and you have the perfect outfit for dressing up this summer!


5. Jean Shorts & T-shirt

This is the classic summer outfit. In case you haven’t noticed, graphic tees go with just about all of the outfits we’ve looked at so far. Whether you are headed to brunch with friends or spending the weekend at the lake, this is the trendy outfit for you! You can tuck your shirt into your pants or leave it hanging out. We recommend pairing your graphic tee with high-waisted jean shorts. Gold jewelry and a messy bun are the perfect accessories to complete this cute and trendy outfit!

6. Jean Skirt & T-shirt

Who doesn’t love a good jean skirt in the summer?! Jean skirts are cute, comfy, and versatile. We are all about comfortable and practical outfits, and this look is no exception! We recommend wearing a jean skirt that has pockets to hold your belongings. You can pair your skirt with a graphic tee, solid tee, or tank top. On cooler days, you can also throw a light sweater over your shoulders. Pair your outfit with some chunky gold earrings and sunglasses for a sassy summer outfit.


7. Mini Skirt & Tank Top

How cute is this skirt and tank top combination?! We are obsessed with it! If you need a cute outfit to stay cool during the summer, this is the one for you! The floral print on the skirt gives this outfit a colorful summer look. We recommend pairing the skirt with a linen tank top that will keep you cool and comfortable on hot days. You can pair this outfit with either sandals or sneakers. Some dainty gold jewelry and stacked rings will complete this outfit. This is the perfect look for summer picnics and casual dates.

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8. Maxi Skirt & T-shirt

We are absolutely obsessed with this look! Maxi skirts are a great option if you want to stay cool and dress fashionably this summer. Plus, you can pair them with solid, patterned, or graphic shirts. You can tuck your shirt into the skirt, tie it in a knot, or tuck it up in your bra. We recommend pairing your skirt with chunky white sneakers and gold jewelry. This outfit is perfect for Sunday brunch, thrifting, or going to a concert. If you want a fashionable, comfortable, and trendy outfit, this is the look for you! 


9. Tank Top & Knit Shorts

This outfit is perfect for lounging around the house or the pool! On hot days, wear this outfit to keep you cool and comfy. Knit shorts are not moisture-wicking like active shorts, but they will stay in place better. If your athletic shorts are constantly riding up on you, try wearing these knit shorts. They also have pockets to hold your phone and wallet so that your hands are free. The ribbed tank top is the perfect layering piece for summer! You can pair it with shorts, skirts, or jeans. You definitely need to have a few of these tank tops in your summer wardrobe! For a cute and trendy outfit, pair this look with a dainty choker and rings.

10. Shorts & T-shirt

Whether you are shopping in the city, running errands, or meeting with clients, this is the summer outfit for you! The shorts are cute, practical, and comfortable. The bow at the top is a trendy way to dress up your shorts. We love this outfit because it gives you an effortlessly dressed-up look. The solid t-shirt is a staple that everyone should have in their closet. We recommend buying a solid pair of these shorts so that you can pair them with several different shorts! Add in a crossbody purse and some delicate jewelry and you will be set for the day!


Which trendy outfit are you going to try this summer? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to share this article with your friends!

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