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10 Trendy And Modern DIY Home Decor Items That Are Overpriced In Stores

Updating your home can be expensive, but not if you use these modern DIY home decor ideas instead of purchasing them from overpriced stores. Sure, there are some places that support local craftsmanship and are worth purchasing from, but if you’re going to buy something way overpriced from a big name retailer anyway, you’re definitely better off making it yourself! If you use modern DIY home decor ideas instead of purchasing something that’s mass-produced it will be that much more unique. Plus, DIY projects are easily customizable to your own color and style preferences.

1. Geometric Candle Holders

Instead of old candelabras or your grandmother’s strange, ‘decorative’ candle holders, try making your own modern candle holders. You can pick up wooden geometric objects from craft stores and then drill holes in them for candles. Spray paint half the wood in a sleek, modern color palette, or paint the whole thing! I personally think these would look gorgeous in all white, all black, or any other color you love.

Find the instructions here.

2. Leather Magazine Holders

If you have some cool new or old magazines that you want to display, these DIY leather straps make for gorgeous modern DIY home decor. Simple and oh so cool, these leather magazine holders allow you to enjoy those covers instead of stacking them up in a dusty old magazine rack. If you find nails and leather that are sturdy enough, you can also display cookbooks, coffee table books, or anything else that you can slip in there. A great wall art hack as well as a storage hack!

Find the instructions here.

3. Macrame Plant Hangers

Those plastic hanging pots from garden stores just aren’t as nice as soft, textural plant hangers. Warm up your home by adding decorative plant hangers, but without the big price tag. A perfect candidate for modern DIY home decor ideas, macrame plant hangers are simple and easy to make, and they give you a huge visual return. You can customize them with the material you use, as well as adding decorative beads, threads, shells, hoops- you name it! Plant in something pretty for extra style points.

Find the instructions here.

4. Statement Star Mirror

This project might look complicated to make, but once you get your pattern down it will become formulaic. A huge transformation, this modern DIY home decor idea will make a statement in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, hallway, or any other room you can think of. Go gold, or choose another color that meshes better with your own personal style. If you want to make it a little bit more artistic and complicated, you can even make a pattern with different colors in your star.

Find the instructions here.

5. Gold Anthropologie-Inspired Lamp

I love Anthropologie, but sadly many of their furnishings are out of my budget. If you’re in the same boat, try making your own modern DIY home decor that has that same bohemian-yet-urban spirit, and is way cheaper. This genius lamp can be made with straws (as the creator chooses) or you can choose to use little wooden dowels. Straws will stick better with the hot glue, but wooden dowels won’t have holes in the middle when you look up close, so choose wisely. 

Find the instructions here.

6. Chalk Paint Dresser Upgrade

A simple IKEA dresser, thrift store find, or hand-me-down piece can get a massive upgrade with a little bit of chalk paint and some new hardware. Although adding hardware is a little more complicated than switching it out, either way, the final product will be worth it. If you like the look of this, but you still live in a dorm with dorm furniture, you can try using washi tape to make a similarly abstract design. Think many V’s instead of one inverted triangle, and obviously, no hardware.

Find the instructions here.

7. Boho Wall Hanging

These trendy boho wall hangings are massively overpriced, but that hasn’t seemed to detract from their popularity whatsoever. Simple and inexpensive to make, you can easily customize your wall hanging to match the style of the space with the type of thread you use, the color of your hoop, the color or colors of your thread, whether or not you add beads, and whether or not you dip the thread in paint.

I love the way that textile art warms up a space and makes it feel more like home. Especially in places with fewer windows, or small spaces like dorm rooms, it’s important to have those little decorations that make your space feel really cozy!

Find the instructions here.

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8. Modern Wall Art

Minimalistic art looks so refined and uncomplicated in a room but is probably the easiest thing to make. This modern DIY home decor was created with stamps, and I’m sure you can get creative by adding lines or patterns that coordinate with your space. Instead of buying really pricey art from a store, pick up some inexpensive frames, spray paint them a nice color if need be, and frame your own modern DIY home decor. This is a great way to show off your artistic personality.

Find the instructions here.

9. Minimalist Picture Display

I especially like this modern DIY home decor idea for those of us who enjoy taking instant photos. Although there are stores that sell photo albums and frames specifically designed for displaying your Polaroid-esque pics, you can just make your own. They’ll look way cooler, and you won’t be buying a huge chunk of plastic unnecessarily. Even if instant photos aren’t your thing, this minimalist picture display will work for all sorts of beloved images that you want to enjoy.

Find the instructions here.

10. Sleek Wall Clock

For some reason, clocks are ridiculously expensive. Functional and attractive, hanging a clock as home decor makes a space seem way more finished and mature. Most of the time it’s easy to just look at your phone, but on those days when you want to digitally detox, it’s still important to know the time. Unplug for a while and check the time on this modern DIY home decor idea instead: a minimalistic clock! Honestly, it makes a huge difference.

Find the instructions here.

Which of these modern DIY home decor projects will you be taking on? Let us know how they turn out and transform your space!

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