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10 Track Workouts For The Busy Student

10 Track Workouts For The Busy Student

Track workouts are perfect for students who need to take a quick study break to stay fit. Workouts on the track can range from a light jog to a high- intensity workout. The best part? Almost all schools have a track and a good workout can take less than an hour!

1) Jog, Walk, Jog, Sprint!

This is one of the best track workouts for beginner runners and for recovery running. The track is 400 meters long and can be divided into four sections: 2 straights and 2 curbs. All you need for the workout are your running shoes and you are good to go! You want to start jogging at the beginning of a curb. Once you reach the straight, walk! Then, once you hit the next curb, jog again. When you reach the last straight, use this section to sprint until the next curb. Once you hit the curb again, repeat! If you do this cycle 8 times, you will have completed a 2 mile length endurance workout.

2) Tempo Run

Tempo track workouts are more intense endurance-based workouts. On a 400 meter track, split up the track into 2oo meter sections. For 200 meters, steady run. Once you hit the end of 200 meters, walk the remaining 200 meters until you are back at the start. These tempo track workouts are build endurance. If you complete this workout once a week, you will see your 200 meter tempo time decreasing. If you are looking for more of a distance tempo workout, you can increase your tempo length and rest time. This is a very flexible workout. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the distances and times!


3) Bounding

Bounding is one of the quickest and most effective strength track workouts. This is a plyometric workout that puts your muscles to work. To bound, you exaggerate a series of forward moving jump/skips. There are a variety of bounding techniques that target various muscles including your legs, glutes, abs, and arms. On one of the track straights, you can bound for 50 meters and then walk back to where you started for rest time. Repeat this for about 5 rounds, and you will have very sore muscles for the next few days.

4) Jog Relays

Relays are perfect track workouts to do with friends. If you grab 4 or more friends, you can totally do this work out; and have a lot of fun while getting fit together. You will need some sort of relay baton to pass, if you are trying to be fancy. If not, you can high-five to pass the workout along. It’s up to you how long the distance you will be running is. It is recommended to start with a 200 meter jog. Have two people standing at both 200 meter marks. One person will begin their 200 jog and then pass on the baton to one of the people at the other 200 meeter mark. This will give time for you to rest while your friends are passing in the relay. Repeat this 5 times.

5) Jump Circuit

Jumping track workouts are a great way to quickly elevate your heart rate for a fast and effective workout. Before you begin, create a list of 6-10 jumping exercises. These can include: jump squats, star jumps, line hops, jumping jacks, burpees, and skip jumps. After you’ve created your list, come up with a time limit of number limit. If you are deciding on a time limit, the recommended number is 45 seconds. If you need a number for a number limit, it is recommended that you do around 30 of each. Now, you are ready to begin your circuit. Once you have gain enough strength, try doing your circuits 2 or 3 time in a row to challenge yourself.


6) Stair Running

Usually, when there’s a track, there’s a stadium. Running stadium stairs is one of the best track workouts for cardio. This workout not only strengthens your legs and glutes, but it also has an endurance element to keep your heart rate elevated for a longer period of time. On a nice day, pop in your air pods and jog up and down the stair while listening to music. This is a great stress reliever for anxious students, plus it’s a great way to stay active.

7) Ab Circuit

Similar to the jump circuit, ab circuits are one of the best track workouts to land a killer six-pack. It’s import to choose unfamiliar ab workouts to constantly challenge your abs to work in new ways. This will help you tone your abs and gain abdominal strength. Some ab workouts may include: crunches, vertical toe touches, Russian twists, planks, side-planks, and mountain-climbers. It is recommended to do these for 30 seconds each. Add a 10 second rest in between reps.

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8) Friend Circuit

One of the most popular circuits is the friend circuit. These track workouts are great while a larger group of people. Like other circuits, establish a time to be doing each workout. It is recommended to have the time be around 30-45 second. Then have each friend come up with their favorite workout. You could have it be any workout, or you could specifically make sure that each workout targets the strengthening of a specific area of the body. Everyone completes the workout together with a 20 second rest transition periods in between each workout. You can learn new workouts to challenge your body and you can work out by still being social.

9) Hurdle Stretches

Stretching track workouts are perfect for off days and slow days. The hurdles are fun to use, and also a great way to stretch your body. If you have 6 hurdles, line them up all touching each other in a row. You can stretch your body by stepping over each hurdle. Do each motion slowly to make sure you are getting a deep enough stretch. After stepping over the hurdle for 3-4 rounds, then slowly squat and move under the hurdles. Both of these stretches are great for loosening up your body.

10) Running Curbs

This last one is one of the most classic and effective track workouts. Simply put, all you have to do is run the curbs and walk the straights. This is a great workout and is totally recommend to do with a training friend. You can have great conversations on the straights and get to business on those curbs! If you are doing this workout solo. This is a fantastic opportunity to listen to an audio book or a great playlist. While you are running the curbs, work on improving your running form so that you prevent injuries in other workouts.


What are your go-to track workouts? Share your favorites in the comments!

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