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10 Tips To Make the Transition to Dorm Life Easier at UA

Graduation is only weeks away. Then, you’ll be off to college in a few months. Being in a new place with new people can be scary so make the transition to dorm life at UA easier with these 10 tips!


1. Find what dorm building you want to live in and the rules it has.

This will make shopping for dorm décor way easier.

2. Find roommates ASAP…

Once you have made your official college choice, begin looking for roommates as soon as your school opens the housing app.

3. …And actually communicate with them

Since you have to live with someone you should at least try to know them. Living with people you know will be easier than living with complete strangers.

4. Decide who’s going to bring what for your dorm.

This way, everything gets covered without one person paying for it all.

5. Pick your room wisely.

Look at building layouts and ask current students there what they recommended. A good dorm room can change your whole experience.

6. Prepare early for move- in day.

Make sure you have all of necessities for dorm life. As well, make sure you are aware of UA’s move in procedure.

7. Narrow down your wardrobe.

Before packing up, go through and get rid of clothes you know you won’t wear once you get to school.

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8. Don’t bring your whole closet from home.

Closest space is limited, so only bring what you need for that semester.

9. Follow the social media accounts of your housing.

It will make it easier to catch information that might be important.

10. Find sites that deliver straight to your dorm.

Some sites like this one will deliver décor straight to your dorm. This will make the trip to campus easier.
What are some other tips to make the transition to dorm life at UA (or any college for that matter) easier? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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