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10 Tips To Level Up Your Bullet Journaling Game

Bullet journaling has risen in popularity over the best few years and the inspiration found on Instagram and Pinterest will make you want to start your own bullet journal immediately. But where do you start? What do you need to begin your bullet journaling adventures and what does a good bullet journal look like? Beginning any new hobby can be tricky, so here are our tips and tricks for how to level up make your bullet journaling!

1. Find A Good Notebook

The first step in good bullet journaling is finding a good notebook. A good notebook can give you so much inspiration for what kind of bullet journal you want. If it’s a simple design, a minimal aesthetic may be the journal for you. If your journal is celestial-themed, continuing that design throughout your bullet journal could be a great way reach your peak bullet journaling goals. If you’re anything like me, you have a hundred unused notebooks scattered around your room – it’s time to pick one and decide what kind of bullet journal you want to make from it.

2. Use Lots Of Colors

Colors are such a major part of bullet journaling and can make or break a good bullet journal. That said, a solid monochrome or black and white journal can be an amazing aesthetic choice if you follow it all the way through. But color can be a great way to create a fun, vibrant atmosphere to your overall bullet journal. Investing in a good set of markers can be a great way to add more color to your bullet journal, and color coordination can be a benefit to the overall organization of your journal.

3. Buy Cute Stickers

There are so many cute sticker opportunities for bullet journaling, whether you get a bullet journaling sticker set or individual, specialized stickers. Redbubble and Etsy have tons of cute sticker choices to look through that are completely individual and personalized. If you’re looking for a general planner or bullet journaling stickers, Amazon has a great selection of sticker sets. Stickers are a great way to create layers in your journal and to add some artistic aspects for journalers who may not have artistic talent.

4. Layers, Layers, Layers!

Layers are such a great way to level up your bullet journaling game because they can create depth, color, and texture to your bullet journals. Adding different layers offers an opportunity to experiment with colors and textures by using different types of paper, stickers, and washi tape. There’s so much room for creativity and variety to your bullet journal just by adding different layers.

5. Invest In A Ruler

You don’t even have to have an expensive ruler, but having a good ruler around can be a great way to improve your bullet journaling. A nice-looking bullet journal will include lots of shapes, drawings, graphs, and straight lines, so having a ruler to help you draw these lines can be super beneficial in keeping your journal clean and organized.

6. Create Mini Calendars

Bullet journaling isn’t just about making a nice journal – it can also be a way to design and personalize a nice planner for your daily needs. By using your bullet journal as a functioning planner as well, you can individualize your planner and design it however you like – big calendar section? You got it. Mini calendars and daily dated boxes? Also, a completely great way to make a beautiful planner. However you want to design your planner, the freedom is in your hands, so embrace the opportunity to try out different shapes and layouts in your planner.

7. Use Shapes For Different Sections

Shapes are a super fun way to up your bullet journaling game because of the variety and depth they can add to your page design. If you don’t have steady hands, no worries! There are super easy ways to get the perfect shapes using objects around your room – bottles, cups, etc. – and you can simply trace the shapes around the page to keep a consistent size. Use your different shapes to include quotes, checklists, and inspirational trackers throughout your journal. Get wild and crazy and have fun with the designs of your journal!

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8. Don’t Be Afraid Of Themes

Themes are an absolutely fantastic way to keep cohesion throughout your bullet journaling experiences. Whether it’s individual page themes that change by planner months or a theme that stays consistent throughout the whole notebook, creating themes can help with organization and cohesion. It’s perfect for anyone with color-coded, organization-driven brains. So having May be floral-themed? Yes, definitely, April’s showers bring May’s flowers. Creating those themes can be a great way to get those creative gears turning and challenge your artistic design skills.

9. Use Graphs To Track Progress

Creating different graphs can be a cute way to add some fun mood and habit trackers to your overall bullet journaling experience. Creating mood trackers can be a great way to keep track of your overall mental health, either through a color-coding system to keep track of your mood or a checklist of what emotions you could feel. You can also create habit trackers to see how much water you’ve had, whether you’ve exercised, or completed your daily checklist. Graphs are a great way to stay organized and create more opportunities for color and variety in shape and content.

10. Washi Tape Is Your Friend

Washi tape is another great way to create depth and variety for your bullet journaling. Much like with stickers, washi tape allows for fun designs and artistic creativity that anyone, regardless of artistic talent, can beautifully accomplish. It also adds to the layers of your bullet journaling and creates more textures that will benefit your journals. Washi tape can help with adding colors, textures, layers, and depth, some of the biggest factors for what makes a good bullet journal.

Have more tips for improving our bullet journaling game? Tell us in the comments!

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