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10 Tips To Survive Shared Bathrooms Freshman Year

10 Tips To Survive Shared Bathrooms Freshman Year

There isn’t anything more unsafe than not knowing what goes down in shared bathrooms. To save you from any awkward, uncomfortable, and gross moments check out these 10 tips on how to survive shared bathrooms in any freshman dorm.

1. Wear sandals or water shoes.

You don’t know what goes down from previous shower users. Literally.



2. Own and use a shower caddy.

Place all your items in the caddy to make trips from the bathroom to your room easier and cleaner.



3. Wear a shower gown or bathrobe to the bathrooms.

Life is easier when you’re already undressed and can hop in and out of the shower effectively.



4. Choose the right time.

As freshman schedules might be similar, so will shower schedules be. Night time is the most popular time for all to shower. If you don’t like to be surrounded by many, choose a time that the bathrooms tend to be empty.

5. Turn on some music.

Showers feel less lonely when you have music. Use your cellphone or use a waterproof shower radio.

6. Have a shower buddy.

Head to the shared bathrooms with a close friend on your floor or your roommate to make shower time a bit less scary  (at least you’ll know who is in the next shower stall).

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7. Clean your stall.

If you don’t like seeing clumps of hair, don’t leave your own clumps of hair. Simple as that.


8. Use shower hooks.

Some stalls are tiny, so use all the space you can. By hanging a towel, it is at least at reach and not touching gross parts of the shower stall

9. Mind your own business.

Taking a shower can be very personal. Do all you need to do and walk right out.

10. Be environmentally conscious.

We all have long days but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to stand in the shower for 30 minutes. Limit your water usage.


Have any other tips to survive those dreaded shared bathrooms? Let us know in the comments below!

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