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10 Tips On How To Survive A Group Project

10 Tips On How To Survive A Group Project

Let’s face it: group projects can be tough. It is much easier sometimes to complete projects independently, because the only person you know you have to rely on for a good grade is yourself. However, group projects will never go away at school or in the real world. Keep reading for some advice on how to survive a group project!

1. Make sure everyone understands the project.

If everyone is clear on the assignment and all of its components then the work will be completed more efficiently.


2. Don’t be afraid to call someone out.

If someone is being difficult or is not trying to work with the rest of the group, don’t be afraid to say something. Remind everyone in the group that this is a collective effort and the work everyone puts in will reflect all of your final grades.


3. Determine everybody’s strengths.

Then use them for the advantage of the group! If one person is more soft-spoken than others, perhaps they can write the group paper. If another group member is artistic, maybe they can come up with visual components for the assignment. Everybody is gifted at something and those talents should be put together in order to create something great!

4. Make sure you have everyone’s contact information as soon as possible.

Cell phone numbers, emails, Facebook names, etc., just in case. You’ll thank yourself later on when you need to contact someone you don’t normally see a lot.

5. Don’t try to immediately take control of the entire project.

Nobody likes that person. Yes, leaders are important, but this may come off as controlling to the other members of the group and could create problems.


6. Divide up the work evenly.

By doing so there will be no petty arguments on whether or not someone is doing more than their fair share of the project.

7. Be open to different ideas.

Brainstorming and putting ideas together can lead to great projects with a lot of different components. This will show in your presentation and hopefully impress your peers and professors.

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8. Establish communication within your group.

Communication is key in group projects. Communicating will keep everyone in the loop and will make sure that no important details are left out of the project. Decide right off the bat what times and locations work for everybody to work together.


9. Act responsibly.

Keep up with the parts that are assigned to you. As much as you expect everyone else to hold up their end of the deal, hold yourself responsible for your part too. Keep up with the group and meet the due dates.

10. Speak up if needed.

If a group member is not doing their fair share, don’t be shy to alert your professor. Unfortunately, sometimes a member of your group just doesn’t cooperate. If this happens more than once or puts your grade in jeopardy, bring it to the professor’s attention before you hand the project in so they are aware of the situation.


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