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10 Tips To Survive Your First Week Of College

10 Tips To Survive Your First Week Of College

Sure, starting college is exciting, but it’s also scary as hell. The way you begin your semester will set the tone for the rest of the year, which is why you need to start it off being organized, responsible and smart about your choices. Here are 10 tips to not only survive your first week of college…but get through it with ease.

1. Don’t wear your ID lanyard around your neck.

I know you looked cool when you were a senior walking around with your car keys hanging around your neck, but trust me, your first week of college you might as well have “freshman” tattooed on your forehead.

2. Make sure you read through each syllabus carefully and make note about the important assignments.

Seriously, spend some time writing down all of the due dates into your planner. This will save you lots of time and stress later on. Write everything down. If you end up at the library without your syllabus, no worries; you’ve got your planner.



3. Purchase any textbooks and materials you need for class.

Don’t wait too long. Most professors will give you that first week to purchase or rent any books you need, but chances are, you’ll need these items to complete some of your first assignments.

4. Whether you use a binder, folder, or notebook for class; make sure you keep it organized.

Keep the syllabus in one spot and always return it to that spot. Keep important papers in one spot and always you return them to that spot. If you stay organized in the beginning of the semester, you have a better chance of staying that way as time goes on.



5. I would also recommend making a copy of each syllabus, or saving a digital copy.

That way if anything happens to your first copy, you always have an extra copy and don’t have to awkwardly ask your professor for another because you spilled coffee on it.

6. Ask around and find out which frats are the best.

The first couple weeks there are most likely going to be open parties to give the frats a chance to get their names out there. Everyone has those crappy frats, the decent frats and the greatest frats. Figure out which ones are which.


7. Download Yik Yak.

Yik Yak is an app for college students to anonymously post pictures and messages (a yak) for everyone on campus to see. AKA; this is how you can find out about the latest drama, open parties and so much more.

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8. Make sure you unpack everything.

The last thing you want is to happen is have a bunch of assignments, exams and studying to do with a room that is still completely boxed up. Just get it out of the way that first week of college.


Yes it’s syllabus week. Yes it’s blow off week. But you don’t want to give your professors the impression that you are okay with skipping class on the easy days. Also, if you get in the habit of skipping, it will be extremely hard to break it. PS – avoid sweatpants for the first week of college, too. Dress to impress; you don’t want to look crappy for your first week, you want to make a good impression.

10. Relax

The first week of college is probably the most important week of college due to the fact that you will be meeting new people, figuring out a new place, and pretty much just adjusting to a new life. That being said, there’s no use getting too nervous and anxious about it, just breathe and you’ll get through it, I promise!


Any other tips to survive your first week of college? Share in the comments!

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