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10 Tips To Save Space In Your Pitt Dorm Room

10 Tips To Save Space In Your Pitt Dorm Room

10 Tips To Save Space In Your Pitt Dorm Room

Move in day is quickly approaching as dorm room stock piles continue to get bigger and bigger. With everything you need to bring along to survive the school year, it can seem impossible for it all to fit into your tiny dorm room. The best course of action is to plan your space ahead of time as much as possible and, of course, research hacks to help yourself out. Fear not, here are 10 tips for saving space inside your Pitt dorm room!

1. Pack smart!

The biggest mistake I hear freshman make is packing clothing or other items inside suitcases. This may sound like a good idea for traveling to campus, but it’s not convenient when trying to store it for the year, and it ends up taking a lot of precious space. It’s better to use bins that will later be stored under your bed, or cardboard boxes and trash bags that can be easily disposed of or even sent back home with your parents!


2. Double hang closet rod.

One of the most difficult tasks can be finding space for your clothes without major downsizing. However, this rod is one of the simplest yet most genius inventions I’ve ever seen. If used wisely, it could double your closet space.

3. Invest in a shoe organizer.

This shoe organizer will not only keep pairs together and easy to find, but it will also easily hide away to make more room. Fill it with your shoes for travel, and then toss it under your bed or even on the floor of your closet, as soon as you move in!

4. Stack your appliances.

Appliances can take up a lot of floor space in a dorm room, so think vertically! Stack your mini-fridge, microwave, and coffee machine on top of each other to fit them in a smaller capacity.


5. Bed risers are your best friend.

These bed feet will give your bed an extra boost for more storage underneath. Plus, the additional outlets make for easy charging in bed!

6. Fold efficiently!

Simply throwing your bundles of clothes in your drawers will take up way more space than it needs to. Use this hack not only to fold better, but to find clothes easier, too.

Bonus Tip: Tightly rolling your clothes as opposed to folding them will save you a lot of room!


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7. Use command hooks.

Command hooks are strong and won’t damage walls. They are one of the easiest ways to make good use of the space you’re given and take full advantage of it. Try using them to hang hair appliances like in this photo, or to hold necklaces, bracelets, or bags!


8. Over-the-door racks are genius.

Put even the back of your door to use with a cute over-the- door hanging rack! Convenient for hanging towels to dry, or keeping track of your jackets in the fall and winter.

9. Stacking Cube storage unites are very helpful.

Cubby-like furniture can be good for dorm rooms because of its compact shape and ability to move to fit in a variety of spaces. Something like these cubes can be used for a night stand or a make-shift shelf. The best part is that they can store things not only on top, but inside the individual cubes!


10. Stay organized!

Possibly the most important dorm tip is to stay organized. It can be easy to clutter your space and simply toss your stuff in the general direction it needs to go. Don’t let the year take control of you and slack off, the best way to save space is to stay organized from beginning to end!

Have you tried any of these 10 tips to save space in your Pitt dorm room? Share your thoughts and comment below!
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