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10 Tips To Save Space In Your ESU Freshman Dorm

Dorm rooms can get unbelievably cramped. To squeeze in all of your belongings, you have to get creative. It’s a little bit like a live version of Tetris; you have to make all the pieces fit together so that you have somewhere to sleep or do your work. Keep reading for 10 tips to save space in your ESU dorm!

1. Utilize the space underneath your bed.

The space under your bed is the holy grail of storage space, if used correctly.  Instead of just shoving random junk underneath, fit more by setting up some sort of organizational system.  Use plastic bins or organizers that can lie on the floor.  You can also get bed risers that double as outlets to be able to fit even more under there.  Invest in under-the-bed drawers for easy access.


2. Create space above your bed with shelving.

Keep your things close at hand by getting shelving placed over your bed.  Use it for books, photo frames, lamps, etc.  Though it may not start out the most attractive, you can decorate it with lights and flowers. Get creative!  Also, mattress caddies are definitely a thing at ESU, so think about looking into those for more space.


3. Your closet can fit more than you think.

There are so many things you can do to fit more inside your closet.  Plastic stackable storage bins, hanging shelves, shoe shelves, closet organizers, and belt hangers are all great organizational tools. To keep laundry off the floor, hang a hamper over your closet door. Another cool trick is to hang a soda can tab on the hook of your hanger to provide an additional place to hang your clothes.

If you still need more space, you can acquire shelving for your doors. This can work for the front door too as long as your roommate is okay with it. Vacuum packing can further help your organizational needs. If you have to bring your winter clothes with you, then vacuum them up tightly and stick them in your closet or under your bed.  If you already have a shelf, you can double it up by using locker shelves.


4. Be smart about your desk space.

Because it is your work space, keep your desk neat and orderly.  You can control the clutter that the little office supplies (i.e paperclips, pens, pencils, staples, etc) make by buying desk lamps that offer spaces to store things.  You can purchase other organizational tools for your desk as well.  Try to keep drawers available for textbooks as they can take up a lot of space.

A cool and unique way to organize your drawers is to cover cereal boxes of different sizes, cut them in half, and put them in your desk to create your very own organizational system.  Think about creating a box for each day of the week (or for each class) and putting the correct materials in each box to always have it at your fingertips.  You can also hang book shelves, or even shower caddies, over your desk as well to leave your desk open and clutter free.  Magazine files or box files can help you organize your papers and documents.  Finally, you can organize all your cords by attaching binder clips to your desk.


5. Use your corners.

The most underutilized aspect of a dorm room is the corners.  Make the most of that space by getting lamps that also have space for other knick-knacks or corner shelving.  You can put a small desk lamp on the shelves instead of wasting the area with one of those floor lamps from Walmart.  You can never have too much shelving!


6. Create a stylish and organizational sitting area.

You can by a few storage ottomans or make your own from crates/bins and pillows.  You can have both a great sitting and reading area, and then have a secret storage compartment after you are done.  Place it near the window for some natural lighting.


7. Make use of your empty wall space.

At ESU, you have four whole walls to do what you want with (except, of course, paint it).  You can decorate them for visual appeal, or you can use them to save space.  Hooks can be great to store your purses, belts, scarves, or hats.  You can hang shower caddies for extra shelves.

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8. Put your dresser in your closet.

If they stuck a dresser in your room, and it simply takes up too much room, throw it in your closet (or place it gently, whatever).  You can still use it and keep your room from being a maze you have to navigate.


9. Get something to extend your closet space.

If you find yourself with too much clothing and not enough closet space, Walmart sells portable armoires made of poles and fabric.  You can buy them in different sizes, choosing whichever fits in your space.


10. Rolling files can be used for school supplies or clothing.

You can buy small, clear plastic rolling files or shelves that can store your school supplies, clothing, knick-knacks etc.  Because they are on wheels, they are easily moved from one area to another, and if you buy a sturdy one, you can use it as a TV stand as well. Speaking of which, you can save space by hanging your T.V. or putting it on an existing piece of furniture.  If you are worried about damage to the walls, you can always visit your nearest hardware store and buy the tools you need to fix it.  YouTube tutorials are a great way to become a repairman in a short amount of time.


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