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10 Tips To Save Space In Your Dorm Room at SJU

10 Tips To Save Space In Your Dorm Room at SJU

10 Tips To Save Space In Your Dorm Room at SJU

Move in time is just around the corner for SJU students, and it’s time to start thinking about the dreaded dorm room. You walk into your new room and have a small panic attack when you realize that the beloved double you thought you chose is actually a single with bunk beds, or that you don’t have nearly as much drawer or closet space as you thought. If you’re an upperclassman you’ve probably been in this situation before and if you’re an incoming freshman, you’ll be in this situation soon. Here are 10 tips to deal with the lack of space in your SJU dorm room!

1. Use a hanging shoe organizer for rolled up t-shirts and pants or jeans.


2. Buy portable drawers to put above your regular drawers, or on your closet shelf for extra drawer space.


3. If you live close enough to school where your parents might visit you, don’t pack everything you’ll need for the semester.

Instead switch out your clothes halfway through the semester.


4. If you don’t plan on using a ton of fridge space, don’t bring your own fridge or microwave.

Almost every dorm at SJU has a fridge and microwave included in the common room of you suite. Bringing your own will only take up precious space in your room. That being said, the Townhouses usually don’t have microwaves included but do have a full sized kitchen, which means enough counter space to bring your own! Donovan Hall also isn’t suite style so the fridge and microwave aren’t included. In both cases coordinate with your roommates so you don’t end up with four microwaves or mini fridges taking up space.

5. Use your desk drawers for more than just school supplies and books.

Tip: The bottom desk drawers at SJU are typically the biggest in the desk and are great for storing your toiletries and other items like that.

6. Use a shower caddy for your shower toiletries, and if its okay with your suite mates, keep them all organized in the bathroom.

7. Don’t clutter your desk with picture frames, try and hang most of your pictures on your walls. You’ll have plenty of wall space.

8. Invest in a compartment organizer for your belongings (especially on your desk) so your stuff isn’t taking up more space than necessary.


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9. Try and coordinate what cleaning products everyone from the suite is bringing.

You probably won’t need duplicates of things, and those duplicates will just take up valuable space.

10. Never underestimate the extra space beneath your bed!

Two words: BED RISERS! Invest in four of these bad boys and a few rolling plastic storage buckets to slide in and out from under your bed and you’re good to go!


Over-all important advice:

Try and keep your room as clean and organized as possible. A cluttered or messy room will make it feels ten times smaller.

Also when your room is more organized you’re likely saving more space!

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