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10 Tips for the Perfect Tailgate at UF

10 Tips for the Perfect Tailgate at UF

It’s an American tradition, it’s our right as football fans, it’s in our Gator blood…it’s tailgating. We spend hours drinking, eating, dancing, and talking before watching opposing teams fight it out on the field. Every weekend becomes an event, as we spend it prepping for the tailgate, enjoying the tailgate, and then recovering from the tailgate. There just isn’t anything like it. Keep reading for 10 Tips for the Perfect Tailgate at UF!

1. Stay hydrated (no, alcohol doesn’t count).

Tailgating is an all-day event in the deadly, breath-taking, heart-stopping heat of Gainesville. If you want to last until the game begins, you have to stay as hydrated as possible. Water is essential to your survival at UF, and especially on our beloved Saturdays.

2. The least favorite part of any girls day is choosing an outfit.

Having the right outfit is a struggle for girls everywhere and, on game days, it’s a very important decision. You know you’ll be taking pictures for the ‘gram so you need to be cute, but you’ll be walking and standing for hours in the heat so you need to be comfortable. Cowboy boots or converse are the go-to footwear choice, while dresses are the perfectly effortless for the occasion. Maintaining the balance between cute, comfortable, cool, and classy is tough, but it’s definitely doable.


3. Listen to the angel on your shoulder, not the devil.

Although you’ve managed to convince your family that you’re a lovely, innocent angel, we, here at UF, know the truth. Tailgating is basically a sport in and of itself; pace yourself, don’t mix too many types of alcohol, and do your best to make it to the game. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, after all.

4. The most important meal of the day is all of them.

It’s time to be real, everyone’s favorite time of the day is meal time. During the 12 hour tailgating extravaganza you’ll participate in, make sure you find some sort of food to keep you going! Whether that means ordering food, finding somewhere on or around campus, revving up that grill, or enjoying the delicious, free food provided by the various fraternities on campus, it is crucial that you eat during the day!

5. “Location, location, location”—every realtor ever.

There are endless tailgating opportunities around UF; it is what we do best. You can set up your own tailgate with friends or family wherever you choose, attend one of the many events the University puts on, or visit the tailgates hosted by fraternities. Either way, you’ll find food, drinks, music, and friends to help you cheer on the Florida Gators.



6. Be your own party.

The key to any good time is who you spend it with. Bring along friends who are ready to bear the heat, walk an excessive amount of miles, make questionable decisions, but also scream the chants, dance to the music, and have a great time. If Hannah Montana taught us one thing, it’s that nobody’s perfect, but life’s what you make it.

7. Bring back the carnival games.

Contrary to popular belief, the fun of a simple group game never gets old. Having games like corn-hole, ladder toss, dizzy bat, and ring toss will rev up everyone’s competitive spirit–the perfect thing for a good ol’ football rivalry.

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8. The jams, man.

Music can make or break any event. Mixing newer trendy songs with classic anthems, like “Stacy’s Mom” and “Pour Some Sugar On Me” is sure to be a hit all around. With the right fun, upbeat playlist everyone will be ready to ignore the heat and sweat, and watch the Gators take the W in the Swamp!


9. Makin’ a list and checkin’ it twice.

Girls, I know you want to bring the cutest and (typically) the smallest bag you can find, but you have to remember to bring the essentials, and not to lose them afterwards. The ticket, ID, GatorOne card, cash, cards, and keys are the most important items; however, it’s also nice to bring something to touch up your makeup, a little brush/mirror, and things of the sort to make sure you stay your best throughout the marathon of a day. Don’t pack too much though, as UF has recently changed their rules on what bags are allowed to enter the Swamp.

10. Get ready to rumble!

Make the most out of your tailgating experience with going to the game, enjoying yourself, belting out “We Are the Boys”, screaming the chants, and cheering on our beloved Gators. It is what you just spent the whole day preparing for, anyway.

What are your tips for the perfect tailgate? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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