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10 Tips For The Perfect Tailgate At UMD

If you were anything like me when you were looking for a college to attend, you probably got super psyched when you heard about how much fun tailgating in College Park would be. After being here for a few years, I’ve learned some things that I definitely didn’t know were necessary for a great tailgate back on my first game day. Here are 10 tips that can help make your tailgating experience at UMD the best it can be, whether it’s your first game or your Senior year!

1. Call up your friends in Greek life.

Some of the best tailgates on campus are held by the fraternities at the university. If you have a few friends that you know in a fraternity they can get you a wristband to attend their on campus tailgates. You won’t be disappointed!

2. Make sure you’re ready for the weather.

The weather in Maryland can be pretty back and forth sometimes. One day it could be blazing heat and the next there could be some chilly thunderstorms! Make sure you go out for the day prepared for the weather, with extra layers if it’s supposed to be colder.

3. Prep the tailgate gear.

On the night before tailgate day, make sure your outfit is laid out and ready to go. This mainly applies to girls, but you’ll be very thankful when you get those extra 5 minutes of sleep you would lose in the early morning searching for your UMD jersey.

4. Don’t go too hard the night before.

Many experienced tailgaters will definitely vouch for this one. Since a bunch of the games happen in the early afternoon, most of the tailgates will begin super early in the morning. You don’t want to be one of the only ones in College Park still stuck in bed battling a wicked hangover while your friends are out at the tailgates.

5. Hydrate.

When you know it’s almost time for game day, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. Some of the earlier fall tailgates can get pretty hot during the day, and if you’re old enough to you will probably be drinking to celebrate the Terps winning. 

6. Eat a good breakfast.

If you are one of those people who constantly skip the most important meal, you may want to reconsider on game day. There won’t be many sustainable or healthy food options at the stadium and chances are you’ll be too busy socializing at the tailgates to even think twice about food.

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7. Take tons of pictures.

You will always regret not getting pictures of your tailgate experiences, even on the most shambly of mornings. Trust me, you’ll want them for #TBTs and they capture awesome memories to show your friends from back home!

8. Stick with your squad.

Make sure you stay with the friends you went out with that day- or you at least know where they will be going. Campus can get pretty packed on game days and you don’t want anyone getting left out or lost!

9. Get your ticket scanned!

Okay, so it’s no shock that not every person tailgating on game day isn’t exactly super into sports. While going to the games is totally encouraged (they’re so much fun!) sometimes things don’t exactly work out. However, if you have a ticket you should stop by the stadium for a little and get it scanned anyway. Ticket priority is given to those students who actually use them at the games. You need game tickets to be allowed into the on campus tailgates, and you won’t want to miss out when there’s a huge game you actually want to attend!

10. Enjoy a post game pizza.

Or any type of food for that matter! As stated before, it can be difficult to get a hold of food on game days when you’re out partying. Make sure you remember to eat something after you’ve been out all day- you’re probably starving!

How do you perfect tailgating at UMD? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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Arabella Amor

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